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Back to School Shopping with TJ Maxx

I have been a fan of TJ Maxx for years but I always seem to forget about it. I am one of those shoppers who looks in the Sunday paper at all the various flyers to see where the best deals are before I go shopping. I was recently given a giftcard so I could go check out TJ Maxx for some back to school shopping. It has been a while since I had been there and I have to admit there are some pretty good deals. There is a nice selection there of all different types of name brand stuff there. Nannah found some Apple Bottom jeans for around $30. I saw a really cute pair of shoes for only $19.99. I have been searching all over for some affordable bras for the girls and I found some there by Maidenform for $3.99! At other places they cost much more. Believe me I checked! I found two Sylvania mini mice for our laptops for only $3. Jazz has been looking for one all summer and the ones we found were at least $12 and up. The girls need a new flatiron and I was able to pick one up for $14.99. I have seen it other places for at least $30.

There was a $5 rack that had some pretty cute shirts on it.

Kayla even tried to convince me this ballerina outfit would be perfect for back to school 🙂

I found these capris for Jazz for only $7 and she liked them. Score 1 point for mom!

I am so glad I had a chance to refamiliarize myself with all of the great stuff that TJ Maxx has. I forgot how good they are for my budget. I really saved a lot of money there. Plus I am happy that I was actually able to find stuff that my picky kids like! I am now following them on Twitter so I can be one of the first to know when they are having a great sale, you should follow them too!

I was given a giftcard to use at TJ Maxx but the opinions in the post are purely my own.

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