Saving money

Before you call the plumber

I just have to share this tip I found. With so many kids running around my house someone always manages to throw too much tissue in the toilet. Personally anything that has to do with a clogged toliet grosses me out. It is just yucky. But anyways about a week ago someone threw so much tissue in the toilet in my bathroom (where no kids are supposed to go) it cloggged up really bad. My husband could not even unclog it and he let it sit overnight. By the next morning it was still clogged and my husband had to go to work. So me with my internet savvy went searching online for a solution. I just do not have any money to be calling a plumber. While I was searching online I kept seeing tips about using dishwashing liquid to unclog a toilet. I kept thinking well that sounds really stupid. But all the other tips involved me actually touching the toilet and I was not doing that! The tip basically says get some dishwashing liquid, pour some in the toilet, let it set a few minutes and then pour boiling hot water in it. I grabbed some dawn, added a few squirts and ran off to boil some water. By the time I got back with the hot water the toilet was unclogging! I kid you not, I added the hot water and the toilet became completely unclogged! So if you or your kids ever use way too much tissue try this trick. It works!!

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