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Books For Kids: Bonker and Friends Series Review Plus 1 Million eBook Giveaway

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Bonkers and Friends is a series of stories starring the Tompkins family and their mischievous feline Bonkers, written by Paul Langley and illustrated by Henryk Jackimczyk. The three books are aimed at children aged seven years old and up”. 

Paul Langley suffers from an autoimmune disease called Wegener’s granulomatosis. Because of this condition, at one time Paul spent several years conifined to a hospital bed. During the time he was in the hospital he kept himself occupied by telling stories to other patients. Eventually these stories were written down with drawings. This is where Bonkers got his start.

My family was sent copies of the Bonkers and Friends series to review. The series has three books: Boomerang, All Aboard and What A Circus.

Bonkers and FriendsBoomerang is the book where you are first introduced to Bonkers and The Tompkins. He wore the cutest little glasses and was not alway called Bonkers. He had a accident with a cricket bat that caused his eyes to look North and South at the same time. Mr. Tompkins thought he looked as if he was bonkers and this is when his name was changed from George. Boomerang is a fun adventure involving a deer named Boomerang who like to writes notes to Mr. Tompkins while causing a little havoc.

The second book in the series is All Aboard. This time the Tompkins are going a cruise and Bonkers is going along. Instead Bonkers will be staying with at the farm he was born at with his brothers and sister.However, Bonkers decided he did not want to stay at Mrs. MacDonald’s farm. He wanted to be with the family and snuck on boat.

In What A Circus, Bonkers meets up again Boomerang, his friends and siblings. This is Bonkers first time at the circus and he amazed by it all. It turns out to be quite an amusing adventure.

The Bonker and Friends storis all end on a positive note and are enjoyable to read. All three books were written in a way that pulls you in. Paul Langley did a great job of bringing the story to life. It was funny series and will make a great read.

All Aboard ebook Giveaway

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