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    2016: Our Year In Review

    2016 is almost over. I thought it would be fun to share what we did throughout the year. It is always fun to look back at the memories.

    I took the younger kids on our first trip without my Husband at the beginning of the year. We took the Megabus to Minneapolis. We were able to escape cabin fever as guests of the Radisson Blu Hotel.

    radisson blu hanging chair

    We experienced a lot of firsts on this trip. It was our first time visiting the Mall of America and travelling on the Megabus. We ate lots of great food and had a great time. I am hoping we can go back in 2017 as a family.

    My second oldest daughter, Savannah turned 18. It is hard to believe I am the parent of two adults! It seems like it was just yesterday she was the little baby who was full of sass and never wanted to lead my side.

    savannah birthday

    Kayla graduated from 8th grade. She is in high school now. My baby is a freshman. In high school. All I can say is wow because I don’t have any babies anymore. She is really growing up. I would share a picture but she doesn’t like to really take them anymore. I only share the ones she is ok with.

    Savannah graduated from high school. Our second high school graduate!

    savannah graduation

    Seeing how happy she was to walk across that stage was one of the best days of my life. She worked hard and is now in her first year of college. When did the time go? My two oldest daughters are in college.

    My Grandbaby Leilani turned 1. first birthday cake

    first birthday party

    leilani first birthday


    My grandbaby is running and trying to talk.  She can say dog, hi, bye and a bunch of other words. She even knows how to blow kisses. She is the sweetest grandaughter ever. Leilani is obsessed with Minnie Mouse and Paw Patrol.

    My husband and I celebrated 20 years of marriage with a trip to Las Vegas. It was his first time on a plane. We had a wonderful time! We stayed at Planet Hollywood right on the strip.

    1stopmom vegas trip

    The temperature change was no joke. When we left Milwaukee it was in around 80 degrees. Once we arrived in Vegas the heat hit me hard. I am glad the heat was not humid and that makes a difference. I was able to tolerate it.

    1stopmom burgr vegas

    We checked out Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, Burgr our first night in Vegas. Luckily it is located right in Planet Hollywood. My burger was ok. I decided to try The Hog Burger because it had bacon. It was enormous! Unfortunately it was not the best I have ever had but the Fury Chicken Wings were delicious! I want to go back just for those wings. That is how good they were!

    1stopmom burgr las vegas

    wings burgr las vegasWe visited Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. It was much smaller than I thought it would be. We took lots of pictures with the wax figures. These are two of my favorites.

    1stopmom wax museum vegas

    las vegas 1stopmom

    Of course I could not visit Vegas without having one of those huge drinks. I was not disappointed at all!

    vegas big drinks

    We visited Fremont Street, did some gambling, saw the Bellagio water show and went to a magic show. I had so much fun I plan on going back in 2017. Maybe for my birthday in September when it is not so hot.

    My husband and I finally went to a bacon fest here in Wisconsin. This one was a Bacon, Brew and BBQ Fest.

    bacon brew and bbq fest

    I actually discovered a beer I liked. It is Rock Hard Red by Gray’s Brewing Company. It is sweet with not bitter aftertaste. Perfect for me! We had such a good time at the festival, I bought VIP tickets for 2017.

    Waukesha County Fair was another stop for us this year. We tried some new foods. I finally got my hands on a Fried Twinkie.

    fried twinkie

    It melted in my mouth. If you have not tried one you need to. Kayla had the Fried Snickers which she loved.

    fried snickers

    I got a new to me Town and Country that I absolutely love. It is fully loaded and a car I always wanted. It worked out perfectly because it was right under how much I had saved up. Yay for no car payments! I love the stow and go seats and it has enough room for everyone, including my Grandbaby.  The DVD players come in pretty handy too. My husband decided to trade in his 1970 Camaro project car for a motorcycle.

    new motorcycle

    That was different. I am glad to have the extra space so no complaints here.

    This year my husband and I went fishing a lot. At least a few times a week. He loves to relax and fish.

    1stopmom fishing wisconsin

    fishing wisconsin

    I go along to spend some quality time with him while he drives around Wisconsin visiting some of his favorite spots. I discovered I love to take pictures of the water.1stopmom fishing wisconsin

    1stopmom fishing wisconsin

    Kayla started 9th grade and she asked to be homeschooled. This is something she has wanted to do for a while. Neither one of us were happy with Milwaukee Public Schools. I signed her up for the K12 Virtual School program and she is loving it. They provided her with a laptop, printer and books.  She is happy and learning with no disruptions.


    k12 virtual school

    2016 was a good year. Here’s to 2017. I am excited for all that it brings.