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    Holiday Gift Guide: Bacon Deodorant

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    “Justin and Dave are just two regular guys who won money on America’s Funniest Home Videos® and used it to launch their first product, Bacon Salt®. That’s right, salt that makes everything taste like bacon. America. Bacon. For The Win.

    They soon realized that the worldwide demand for a bacon-flavored seasoning was more immense than they could have ever imagined. In just 5 days all 6,000 jars of Bacon Salt we had was sold to people in 15 countries and 25 states – from their website, out of a garage – without spending a dime on marketing or advertising.

    The innovation didn’t stop there. There were more food products Justin and Dave thought could taste like bacon: BaconPOP microwave popcorn, Baconnaise, Bacon Ranch Dressing and Dip Mix and Bacon Croutons.”

    Along with products that taste like bacon, they are quite a few novelty products as well that J & D Foods sell. I was very happy when they sent me their new Bacon Deodorant. Yes I did just said Bacon Deodorant!

    bacon deodorantThis would make a great novelty gift for the bacon lover in your life. It looks just like a stick of deodorant. It definitely smells like bacon. I had the top off and my daughter walked into the house thinking I just finished frying some bacon!

    I was almost able to trick TJ into thinking I bought him a new type of deodorant to use. The bacon scent was too strong and he said “No way, I am not going to walk around smelling like bacon!”

    I love that I can add this to my collection of bacon products.

    You can grab your own Bacon Deodorant for $9.99 at J&D Foods.

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