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    Pick Me Up Review and Giveaway

    As a person who deals with social anxiety and depression, I tend to be in my head a lot. I can get a little obsessive with over analyzing things. This is never good because it causes a lot of doubt and clouds my mind. As I get order I am learning different ways to deal with this. I like to focus on self care.

    To me this means having a space that surrounds me with positive quotes and affirmations. I like to see these things everyday and look at them when I am feeling stressed. I make sure to do things that make me happy. This was hard for me for a long time because I used to put everyone else before myself. That lead to a very stressed and overwhelmed unhappy person. I have learned that I do deserve happiness so why not do things that put a smile on my face. Since I like to read, I also try to check out self help books. I currently reading Pick Me Up by Adam J. Kurtz.

    pick me up review

    Well Pick Me Up is more of a journal but not the typical kind.

    pick me up review

    pick me up review

    pick me up review

    The regular way of journaling does not work for me. I need a better way to to get my emotions out and Pick Me Up does that for me. I like that I can pick and choose what page I want to write or doodle on. It is fun while offering a little perspective. This is a journal I will actually use and not get bored with! I think it will be pretty interesting to look back to see how I have dealt with things in the future.

    This journal would make a great gift especially if paired with some nice pens.

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