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    Holiday Gift Guide: Ring It! Game

    1StopMom Holiday Gift Guide

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    Ring It! Game Review

    Years ago I started a tradition where on Christmas Eve I would let the kids open one present. I always chose gifts that were games or crafts. I always thought it was a great way to spend the day, playing together as a family.

    Recently we added a new game to our growing collection, Ring It! This game is made for ages 5 and up. The basic playing mode of Ring It challenges players to find three kinds of matches:

    • Cards with the same number
    • Cards with the same color
    • Two cards with a bell

    To play, shuffle the cards and deal them face-down. Each player takes turns revealing their cards one at a time. If you spot a match, be the first to clap your hands and ring the bell, and you can claim the revealed cards. The last player who still has cards wins.

    Ring it game review

    To win at Ring It, you have to be the first to spot a match and ring a bell. You have to be careful and don’t ring the bell too soon or you will have to pay a penalty.

    The game includes a tin to hold the game, 90 playing cards, a bell and instructions. Ring It Game Review

    Ring It! is a fast paced family friendly game. You have to be quick with your eyes and hands. We had a great time playing it. There are various variations of how to play the game to make it more challenging once you get the hang of it.

    The tin holds everything well so it easy to travel with so you take the game on the go. Ring It! is perfect for game night or any night since it does not take long to play.

    You can buy Ring It! for $12.31 at

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