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    Holiday Gift Guide: Pop Chef

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    “Pop Chef is the new, fast and easy way to make fabulous edible creations! The secret is its
    3-in-one action – which shapes, pops, and creates stars, circles, hearts, and more without the mess or hassle of knives or cookie cutters. With Pop Chef you can design eye popping snacks,party platters, meals, even gifts like a pro! It’s a snack-tivity that’s even safe for kids to use.”

    popchefIn the box we received there were bamboo skewers and various shapes we could choose from:

    • sunburst
    • circle
    • star
    • butterfly
    • heart
    • flower

    There was also a book with ideas of different ways to use the Pop Chef and instructions.


    The kids wanted to try their hand at making little sandwiches and pancakes.



    They all had fun using the Pop Chef.  Kayla and Nannah were squeezing the bulb and it did not work well for them. They chose to tap it instead. It seem to work great for them.

    The food did get stuck a few times but there was not a big problem when it came to dislodging the food. Kayla just used a stick that is included to get it out.

    Kayla has used it make cookies, sandwiches and pancakes so far. She plans on trying some different fruits soon.

    I think this is good for kids to use. It promotes creativity and encourages them to get involved in the kitchen.

    You can get a Pop Chef for $10.88 at Walmart.

    Connect with Pop Chef on Facebook, Twitter and visit their website.