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Aloe Infused Socks Are Perfect Stocking Stuffers!

My family knows I love socks. I like all different kinds, but especially soft and fluffy socks. Every birthday and Christmas I get a few pairs and I don’t mind at all. I was recently sent some Aloe Infused Socks from AirPlus to try and I am loving them.

air plus spa socks

I like the fun colors and designs because life’s too short for boring socks! From the outside these socks look like my regular fluffy socks. The inside is where you notice the difference. They are very soft and infused with Aloe and Vitamin E. These spa socks warm your feet while making them nice and soft. They do a great job of moisturizing your feet and are very comfy. Perfect for these colder days. I know I love to relax with a good book, cup of hot chocolate and fluffy socks!

AirPlus has a wonderful line of Spa Products that would make a great stocking stuffer for women and teens. My daughters love these types of products because they love to pamper themselves. You can pair these socks with nail polish, remover, nail file and cotton balls to make a nice gift.

Visit the AirPlus website to find out where you can purchase these Aloe Infused Spa Socks near you for $5.99


Stocking Stuffers: Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Washes

My daughter Savannah and I love our body washes. We each have a collection of different scents we love. She likes a lot of the same ones I do so she is always borrowing mine. Long hot showers are one of my favorite ways to relax so I was happy when I was sent some of Softsoap new Luminous Oils Body Washes to try.
Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Washes.

I love how these bottles look. Even my daughter Jazz saw them and thought they looked all nice and fancy. I have been using oils for the last couple of months for washing my face. I love the results so I was eager to try a body wash made with oils.

I went straight for the Macadamia Oil and Peony body wash. It has a wonderful floral scent. I like that the scent is strong without being overwhelming. The Avocado Oil and Iris has a slight sweet smell. The scent is very subtle. Both of the body washes lathered up very well and a little goes a long way. I like how the scents lingered on my skin. They did a great job of moisturizing my skin without making it feel greasy.

Softsoap Luminous Oils Body Washes would be perfect for stocking stuffers. Another idea is to make a gift basket with some body wash, nice shower cap, loofah, slippers and a candle for nice relaxing experience.

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Everyone Needs Contigo In Their Life!

Soon it will be time for Holiday parties and trying to find out what to give at all those gift exchanges. When I shop for gifts I look for something that will actually get used. I am not just spending money for the fun of it. Contigo water bottles and travel mugs make great gifts and are budget friendly.

1Stopmom was provided with product for review purposes. 

Contigo holiday gift guide

AUTOSPOUT® Ashland Water Bottle

My entire family likes to carry water bottles. I have to admit, drinking water is a lot more appealing when I use a pretty bottle. Contigo has some great ones to choose from. The AUTOSPOUT® Ashland Water Bottle  is everything you need:

  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% BPA-free
  • Leak proof
  • One touch drink spout
  • Sturdy clip handle

I like that this water bottles this comes with a angled straw, so not a drop is wasted!  I have not had any problems with the straw coming loose at all. It actually screws on and it very secure.

contigo holiday gift guide

contigo water bottle gift guide

The clip handle makes it easy to attach to your bag, purse, gear or backpack. There is is protective spout shield to keep out dirt and germs. When you press the button, the spout pops right up.

contigo water bottle review

If you like to keep track of your water intake there are easy to read markings on the side. I am loving the one touch button on this bottle. It makes using one hand drinking very easy. There is a lock to prevent accidently pushing the button.

contigo water bottle review

It is available in 24 oz for $12.99 at your local retailers. There are 3 colors to choose from: Monaco, Sangria and Smoke.

AUTOSEAL® West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug

The lid automatically seals between sips to eliminate spills and leaks.  You have to press a button to take sip and when you release it the lid is sealed. This is perfect for me! I am always knocking stuff over. 99% of the time I don’t make sure the lid is closed because I don’t feel like opening and closing it repeatedly.

contigo travel mug holiday gift guide

A really nice feature of this travel mug is you can use it with one hand. That means while driving, shopping or working I use it with no hassles. You never think about how handy that is until you are thirsty and only have one hand free.

This Contigo Travel Mug has a lock button just like the water bottle. I like knowing if little hands happen to grab my mug, I don’t have to worry about my drink spilling out everywhere! My granddaughter is fast, especially when she gets her hands on something she is not supposed to have.

contigo travel mug review

The AUTOSEAL® West Loop Stainless Steel Travel Mug is made with Themalock vacuum-insulated stainless steel to keep beverages hot for up to 5 hours or cold for up to 12 hours! I have been using mine on the go and at home. I love that it keeps my coffee hot and my lemonade cold! My daughter has seen me using mine everyday and has already asked me to get her one for work.

I love how easy it is to clean this mug. The lid is dishwasher safe. I have gotten in the habit of rinsing it out after I use it and putting it in the dishwasher. I wash the mug pretty easily by hand.

It is available in 16 oz for $20.99 or 20 oz for $24.99 at your local retailers. There are 4 colors to choose from: Stainless Steel, Black, Monaco Blue or Radiant Orchid.

The Contigo Water Bottle and Travel Mug are great gifts for everyone. They are perfect for gift exchanges and stocking stuffers!

If you decide to make a purchase on the Contigo website and are a new customer, make sure to subscribe to their site with your email. You can save 20% on your first purchase!

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Holiday Gift Guide: Gold Toe Socks

1StopMom Holiday Gift Guide

Product provided for review purposes. Opinions 100% my own. 

As of today there are six days left until Christmas! It seems like it really came up fast. One of the reasons is because here in Wisconsin there is no snow yet. Not even a little! I am not a big fan of snow because I don’t like the cold but it just doesn’t feel like the holiday season without any of the fluffy white stuff.  If you are still doing your holiday shopping I have a gift that is more on the practical side for the men in your life, socks from Gold Toe.

I reviewed Gold Toe Ultra Soft Socks earlier this year and we really liked them, especially my daughter Kayla. She loves to wear them and they are still holding up. Gold Toe makes quality socks and would make a great Christmas gift.

My husband is one of those people who always says he doesn’t want anything when it comes to gift giving. Of course I don’t listen to him because I love him very much and like to give him gifts. He is the type of person who appreciates whatever I give him even if the gift is practical.

Gold Toe has a new line of Holiday inspired socks that I was able to check out recently.

gold toe socks review

gold toe socks review

Socks can be a pretty fun gift, I know I like it when I get them. These Gold Toe socks are fun with a little personality. They are soft and don’t get all stretched out. They also have freshcare moisture control to keep feet dry and comfortable all day long. These socks have the Gold Toe signature reinforced toe stitching that adds to the durability I love.

gold toe socks review

My husband likes the designs of these socks and likes wearing them. Gold Toe socks are made to last and are very affordable.

If you want to give Gold Toe socks this holiday season there is still time. You can place an order at the Gold Toe website and get Next Day shipping for only $10 on a purchase of $30 or more. 12/22 Noon is the last day you can place your order and get it in time for Christmas.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Donsuemor Baked Goods

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“Starting with an original French recipe, Don and Susie Morris (Don-Sue-Mor) introduced madeleines to their Berkeley, California “gourmet ghetto” community in 1976. Together, the creative entrepreneur and the passionate baker created a treat unlike any other—a moist little cake with a fresh, unforgettable taste. Donsuemor continues their tradition of baking delicious bakery treats that bring delight to everyday life.”

We like to eat little treats, especially baked goods. As always we are always open to trying something new. We dove right in when were sent a box of treats to review from Donsuemor.


The box included:

  • Traditional, Dipped and Lemon Zest Madeleines
  • French Almond Cakes
  • Traditional and Dipped Biscotti

The first thing I tried was a Dipped Madeleine. I love chocolate so that had to be my first choice. This sea shelled shaped french cake was delicious. It just enough chocolate that  the flavor of the Madeline was not lost.

All of Madeleines were rich, moist and buttery. I can not believe I have never tried these before. The Lemon Zest gives the Dipped a run for its money. The scent of lemon was not overpowering and the rich flavor was still there.

My daughter Nannah did not think she would like the Biscotti. She said it looked like it was dry and like a loaf of bread. She actually ended up like the Dipped Biscotti. It was like a hard cookie. She said she would buy them if she found them in the store.

My husband’s favorite was the French Almond Cake. He loved how moist they were.

Kayla thinks all of them would be great to have with tea.

There are so many ways to use Donsuemor products during the Holidays. The would make wonderful stocking stuffers. Kids could also leave them out for Santa.

With prices under $20 they are great for gifts. I know I would not mind getting some Lemon Zest Madeleines for Christmas.

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