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Simply Earth Essential Oils Subscription Box Review

1StopMom was provided with free product for review purposes. Opinions 100% my own.

I was very happy when Simply Earth asked me to review their monthly subscription box. This one is a little bit different because it involves essential oils. Essential oils are natural oils typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

They are used in various ways including aromatherapy to support mental health, in bath and beauty products and natural cleaning solutions. I have used a few different oils in the past. Mostly Lavender and Peppermint.  I love to use Peppermint essential oil. I made a spray solution I use to keep ants out of our home. It works very well. I even add a few drops to my mop water.

Simply Earth sent me a diffuser and their November subscription box to review.

Simply Earth Diffuser and essential oils review

Simply Earth is a company started by a Wisconsin family whose mission is to make it easy and affordable to create a safe home with natural products. Their purpose is building Simply Earth to be company that loves and serves their employees, customers and the World. One way they love and serve is by giving 13% of their profits to organization that are fighting to end human trafficking.

Essential Oil Diffuser

A diffuser is a great way to get different aromas in the air from your essential oils.

simply earth diffuser

This diffuser came with a top cover, inside cover, measuring cup and a DC jack. It is very easy to use:

  • Place diffuser on a flat surface
  • Remove both covers and pour water into the diffuser using the measuring cup
  • Add 2-3 drops of essential oils
  • Put both covers back on
  • Plug in diffuser and turn on

simply earth diffuser review

simply earth diffuser review

There is a easy to use button on the bottom of the diffuser to control the lights and how long you want it to be on. I like that there is a sleep mode.

You don’t have to worry about the diffuser running when the water is all gone. It automatically shuts itself off when there is a limited amount of water in the tank.

Simply Earth Recipe Subscription Box

Simply Earth Essential Oil review

This subscription box makes it very easy to get started. Each month you are sent 6-7 essential oil recipes and the key ingredients you need to make them. There is no guess work at all! In the November box you will receive:

  • Recipe cards
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
  • Pine Essential Oil
  • Happy Joy Essential Oil
  • Frankincense Essential Oil blend
  • Curb Hunger roll on oil blend
  • 2 small bottles
  • 1 spray bottle
  • Mason jar
  • Stickers

I really like that each bottle of essential oil from Simply Earth includes information I would otherwise be looking up online. It tells you what country it comes from, what part of the plant it is, the ingredients and the aroma.

simply earth rosemary essential oil review

Rosemary Essential Oil

simply earth rosemary essential oilRosemary essential oil has a woody and herbal aroma, like trees. It can be used for mental clarity while relieving fatigue. It can also help with hair growth.  There is a recipe for Christmas Air Freshener that uses Pine and Rosemary essential oil included in the box.

Frankincense Essential Oil

simply earth frankincense essential oil

Frankincense essential oil has a spicy and woody aroma. It can be used with a carrier oil like coconut oil on wrinkles. Use in a diffuser to help with insomnia and promote sleep. It helps to reduce and fade scars. There is a recipe for DIY Scented Ornaments using this oil in the box.

Happy Joy Essential Oil Blend

simply earth happy joy essential oil blend

The Happy Joy essential oil blend has a fruity floral aroma.  It is used to uplift your mood and reduce anxiety.  It is made of Geranium, Sweet Orange, Neroli, Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang essential oils. I have used this in my diffuser and I love the scent! It kept me pretty calm too.

Pine Essential Oil

simply earth pine essential oil review

The Pine essential oil has a evergreen and woody aroma. It reminds of a certain floor cleaner that I grew up smelling. Now I will be making my own. The woody aroma also makes me think about Christmas and the holidays! This oil can be used in a diffuser to relax your body and energize your mind. It also has disinfecting properties so you can add it to your toilet bowl or make some household cleaner with it.

Curb Hunger Roll On

simply earth curb hunger essential oil

curb hunger essential oils

Curb Hunger is a roll on made up of a blend of different oils. The ingredients are Grapefruit, Spearmint and Lavender essentials oils diluted in Coconut Oil. I have been using for a few days. So far I have noticed I am not as hungry when I use it, I definitely like that. All you do is rub a little on your stomach. Very easy to use!

simply earth essential oil recipe subscription box

I really like this subscription box. It is unique and only costs $39.99 a month. I love that each month there is a different theme. The recipe cards are use the oils that are included in the box. The oils are 100% pure so there is no need to worry about additives or fillers. I think it is a great way to grow your essential oil collection. I like the idea of controlling strong of a scent my creations will have. Plus it nice to know what I am using is safe. I am already excited for next month!

The Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box is different from most subscription boxes because they offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not happy, just let them know. Simply Earth gives 13% of their profits to organizations committed to serving others. I definitely can support a company that gives back to the community.

I have a coupon code for a free diffuser with a subscription to Simply Earth:  1STOPMOMFREEDIF

Check out the video below that I made so you can see the diffuser in action!

Anniversary Giveaway

To celebrate their 1 year annivesary, Simply Earth is having a giveaway to win a recipe box. Visit here to enter. The more you share it, the more you win.

  • Get 5 friends to sign up: $5 coupon
  • 10 friends: coupon for a free month of their Essential Oil Recip box
  • 25 friends: coupon of a free set of 6 oils in custom wooden box
  • 50 friends: coupon of a free diffuser

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TORUK: The First Flight Is Must See Show!

Last night my family and I were able to check out Toruk: The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil on opening night. We have never been to a Cirque du Soleil performance but I have always  wanted to see one.

The show is a mythical tale set thousands of years before the events depicted in the film AVATAR.

toruk-first-flight-milwaukeeWhen a natural catastrophe threatens to destroy the sacred Tree of Souls, Ralu and Entu, two Omaticaya boys on the brink of adulthood, fearlessly decide to take matters into their own hands. Upon learning that Toruk can help them save the Tree of Souls, they set out, together with their newfound friend Tsyal, on a quest high up in the Floating Mountains to find the mighty red and orange predator that rules the Pandoran sky. Prophecy is fulfilled when a pure soul rises among the clans to ride Toruk for the first time and save the Na’vi from a terrible fate.”

We thought the show was absolutely amazing. There were beautiful and vibrant colors used throughout the performance that kept us mesmerized. My son TJ (16) was not sure what to expect because he thought the show would be geared more towards younger children but it is not. It is definitely family entertainment. He is also a huge fan of Avatar and loved seeing this show.

The stage is massive and Cirque du Soliel used it very well. Between the performers and set, every inch was used. 
toruk fist flight milwaukee

We were very impressed with the special effects. It was done in such a way, when lava or water flowed it looked real. It did not seem like we were watching a show on a set. We felt like we were really there, even when the scene would change.

toruk first flight milwaukee toruk-first-flight-milwaukee-2

The show was better than I thought. There was music, a great story, talented acrobats, puppets and a wonderful kite performance. There was never a dull moment. I was thoroughly entertained and I want to see more Cirque du Soleil shows!


Toruk: The First Flight is a little over 2 hours long with a 20 minute intermission. If you have ever wanted to see the Cirque Du Soleil perfom, this is your chance! They will be in Milwaukee until September 25th.

Tickets are available for sale at Ticketmaster, use the code CHILD25 to purchase children’s tickets for only $25! There are a variety of showtimes for TORUK – The First Flight, so check out the link!

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I Found Some Great Deals At Just Between Friends Milwaukee!

Yesterday was the first day of the Just Between Friends consignment sale in Milwaukee. This was my second time going and I took my daughter with me. I went two years ago and was able to get my Godson a playhouse for only $25!

In a nutshell, Just Between Friends is a huge sale of gently used items. Everything is organized into sections just like a real store. You will find everything from:

  • books
  • car seats
  • dvds
  • puzzles
  • shoes
  • high chairs
  • toys
  • costumes
  • games (board and video)
  • clothes
  • bikes and more!

My daughter and I got there before it opened at 8 a.m. and their was a pretty long line. It moved fairly quickly once the doors opened. I headed straight to the back because I know that is where the big toys are kept. I was hoping to grab my Granddaughter Leilani a wagon but there were only two and someone else grabbed both.

I did find some great deals though. I bought a slide, a table and chair set, tons a books and a bunch of toys.

minnie mouse ride on toy

This Minnie Mouse ride on toy was only $15!

pink radio flyer first bike

I just had to grab this tiny little Radio Flyer bike. It will be her first bike. And how cute is the little compartment in back?

pink radio flyer bike

I found Leilani quite a few toys and her Mom bought her shoes and clothes. She found some UGG boots for $22!

my first music playerThis was only $2. Leilani loves listening and dancing to music so I know she will love this!


A deal at only $5 bucks and it is in great condition! Leilani already knows where her ears and nose are so we will have fun learning the other body parts.

 Disney Minnie Mouse Books

Set of 12 Minnie Mouse board books brand new for $5.

fisher price camera

This camera is so cute and was $2.

toy caterpillar

This pull along caterpillar teaches numbers and colors and was also only $2. 

My favorite purchase has to be this Pottery Barn chair that I got for $35.



As you can Leilani is already using it. I want her to have it for a while and hopefully she will be able to continue using it as she grows.

My plan for shopping this sale was to find some Christmas gifts for my granddaughter and I did a really good job while saving money.  I only gave her the table set and Pottery Barn chair to use now.

The Just Between Friends sale lasts until September 25, 2016.  Tuesday 9/20 and Wednesday 9/21 admission is free 10 am-7 pm. Thursday 9/22 admission is free 10 am – 5 pm and everything is 25% off for items without a star. Visit their website for more information.



Toruk – The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil Ticket Giveaway

The new Cirque du Soleil touring show inspired by James Cameron’s AVATAR, TORUK – The First Flight is coming to the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee September 22 – 25, 2016.

Experience a storytelling odyssey through a new world of imagination, discovery, and possibility. Through a riveting fusion of cutting-edge visuals, puppetry and stagecraft buoyed by a soaring cinematic score, Cirque du Soleil applies its unique signature style to James Cameron’s imaginary world and “makes the bond” between two kindred artistic visions that capture the imagination.

This live immersive experience also bears the distinct signature of directors and multimedia innovators Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon. It is a living ode to the Na’vi’s symbiotic coexistence with nature and their belief in the basic interconnectedness of all living things.

toruk ticket giveawy

Narrated by a “Na’vi Storyteller” and populated by unforgettable characters, TORUK – The First Flight is a mythical tale set thousands of years before the events depicted in the film AVATAR, and before any humans ever set foot on Pandora.

When a natural catastrophe threatens to destroy the sacred Tree of Souls, Ralu and Entu, two Omaticaya boys on the brink of adulthood, fearlessly decide to take matters into their own hands. Upon learning that Toruk can help them save the Tree of Souls, they set out, together with their newfound friend Tsyal, on a quest high up in the Floating Mountains to find the mighty red and orange predator that rules the Pandoran sky. Prophecy is fulfilled when a pure soul rises among the clans to ride Toruk for the first time and save the Na’vi from a terrible fate

toruk ticket giveaway

Tickets are available for sale at Ticketmaster, use the code CHILD25 to purchase children’s tickets for only $25! There are a variety of showtimes for TORUK – The First Flight, so check out the link!

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The Giveaway

One reader will win a family 4 pack of tickets to see TORUK – The First Flight on 9/22/16 at 7:30 p.m.

Toruk – The First Flight by Cirque du Soleil Ticket Giveaway


The 17th Annual Milwaukee Lights Festival Kicks Off On 11/19!

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.  In addition to shopping for gifts I love to look at all the holiday decorations, especially the light displays. It is time for the 17th Annual Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival. On Thursday November, 19, 2015 the six week festival begins with a switch flipping ceremony at 6 p.m. in Pere Marquette Park. The celebration will feature musical performances, warm holiday treats, Santa and a fireworks show!  I love fireworks so my family will be there to see everything.Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival

Performers in the Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival Kick-Off Extravaganza include country singer, Nora Collins; Anita’s Dance Center; Chandelier Circus; DJ Shawna; Visual Artsz; Studio VIA; and Santa Claus.

Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival

The show will start at 6 p.m. The official switch-flipping will take place at approxiamately 6:35 p.m., which will simultaneoulsy light the holiday decor in Pere Marquette Park, Cathedral Square Pak and Zeidler Union Square, as well as downtown’s street level decorations. The celebration will conclude with fireworks synchronized to holiday music and free Jingle Bus rides presented my Meijer operating from Pere Marquette Park, taking guests past all the newly lit scenes.

Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival
Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival

Brightly captivating scenes will include chandeliers suspended above Wisconsin Avenue, plus “Holiday Palace Park” at Pere Marquette Park, “Community Spirit Park” at Cathedral Square Park and “Toy Chest Park” at Zeidler Union Square.

After opening night, Jingle Bus rides presented by Meijer will operate from 6 p.m. to 8:20 p.m., Thursdays through Sundays, November 20 –December 27. The 40-minute tour is narrated by Milwaukee Downtown’s Public Service Ambassadors. Rides are $1 per person and depart from The Shops of Grand Avenue – Center Court, 275 W. Wisconsin Ave.


Costco Is Coming To Menomonee Falls, WI + Huge Gift Basket Giveaway!

The Menomonee Falls Costco will be open starting November 5, 2015 at 8 a.m. I am so glad one will be opening so close to me!

Back in June I was able to check out to check out the newest Costco in Pleasant Prairie, WI right before it opened. I was given a tour of the warehouse and was able to get a first hand look of the products they sold. My family was even able to try some food that the food court offers and it was delicious. Pizza, sandwiches and bratwurst at really low prices? My husband was just as happy as I was.

There was a lot going on when we first walked in to Costco, but the first thing I noticed were these huge teddy bears!

costco teddy bears

This gentleman was nice enough to stand next to the teddy bears for me so you could see just how big they are. I’m telling you, if had somewhere I could put one I would have one. They are soft and fluffy too!


My husband loved seeing that they carry fishing poles. While he was looking at that I was busy looking at the cameras and purses. That middle purse was calling my name. Unfortunately my budget has a much bigger mouth and put a end to all that! It was pretty though.

I was surprised at the selection of products that Costco carried. They cover everything from clothing to travel, home improvement to decor and lots of food. My husband even found a generator there!

costco gift basket giveaway

Costco 3

I was very impressed with the dedicated refrigerated area for fruits and veggies. I appreciate the extra steps they took to make sure that everything was properly stored.

Costco 4One of the things I found out about Costco is they have their own brand of products they sell, Kirkland Signature. Over the past few weeks they were kind enough to send me a variety of Kirkland products which included : avocado oil, animal crackers, blueberries, body wash, lotion, coffee, caramel macadamia nuts and more. The quality of all the products were very high. I love the lotion! It makes your skin so soft and smooth. I am glad we had an opportunity to try them out because I definitely will be buying more.

Costco offers three memberships:

  • Gold Star: $55 For individuals and households
  • Business:  $55 For business owners and mangers
  • Executive: $110 Offers 2% reward on qualified purchases

All memberships come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For more information, visit the Costco website.

Special Deal For Menomonee Falls Location!!

Menomonee Falls currently has a special offer for new members: new Executive Members will receive a $20 Costco Cash Card, and new Gold Star and Business Members will receive a $10 Costco Cash Card. These great offers are exclusive to the Menomonee Falls location.

The newest Costco is located at  W162 N9235 Pershing Ave, Menomonee Falls WI. Don’t forget you can start shopping there on November 5, 2015 .

The Giveaway

One local 1StopMom reader will win a huge basket full of Costco Kirkland brand products valued at $190! This includes:

KS CASHEWS 40 OZ               14.99
KS PURE VANILLA 24/16 OZ       9.99
KS CHOC CRML MAC CLSTR 2#      13.59
KS TRAIL MIX W/M&MS 64 OZ      13.69
KS ORGANIC SALSA 2/38OZ        7.69
KS ALMOND BUTTER 27OZ          11.99
KS ORG MAPLE SYRUP 1L          10.99
KS COCONUT OIL 2/42.3 OZ       24.99
KS CHOC OF THE WRLD 32 OZ      10.79
KS MIXED NUTS W/MACS 40OZ      16.99
KS BODY LOTION 2PK/22OZ        9.99

Costco Gift Basket Giveaway

To win this giveaway you have to be local. This basket is huge and very heavy so I will not be shipping it. If you win I can meet you at the Menomonee Falls location to give your prize.

Huge Costco Basket Giveaway


The Container Store Opens At Mayfair Mall 9/12!

The Container Store has finally arrived in Wisconsin! This weekend on September 12th and 13th, you can get serious about organizing and attend the store’s grand opening at Mayfair Mall. Doors open at 9 a.m. but I suggest getting there early, maybe around 8:30 because it is going to be crowded.

Yesterday I was able to attend a blogger preview at The Container Store which included a private tour. This store is big. Its’ 25,000 square feet is home to more than 10,000 multi-functional products.

I have never had the chance to visit one of their stores before.  I think the closest one was in Chicago.  A smile came over my face once I was inside those doors. There were beautiful containers everywhere. All lined up nice and neat. I loved it!

the container store

the container store

container store 3

No other retailer offers the depth of storage solutions that The Container Store does. They offer over 300 food storage solutions, 70 styles of hangers, 50 types of laundry hampers, 750 organized office products, 400 solutions to organize a traveler and more.

container store

container store

container store

container store

There are so many different products to choose from. Once the store opens I know I will be spending a lot of time there. I need to get organized in every room of my house.

The Container Store has a once of a kind product collection that comes with an extremely high level of personalized customer service.  Each full time sales person receives more than 266 hours of training in their first year. It is good to know that if I have questions, the employees are knowledgeable about their products. I have been to stores where no one knows anything about what they are selling and I haven’t returned.

Last night I was able to attend a grand opening that The Container Store was hosting. The party was in the actual store and snacks were served in containers! It was so cool to see them using their products like that.

There was lots of food, drinks and a live band. We had crab cakes, sushi, buffalo chicken bites, german potato salad, watermelon wraps, cake pops, cupcakes, ice cream and more.

container store milwaukee

container store milwaukee

container store milwaukee

container store milwaukee

I shared a quick video of the party on Instagram

A video posted by Latricia (@1stopmom) on

I took my mother-in-law with as my guest to the grand opening party. She just might love containers more than me!

Container Store Grand Opening

The Container Store has partnered with the Junior League of Milwaukee and will donate 10% of grand opening sales to them.

There will be prize giveaways every hour on the hour throughout the entire weekend, including $1,000 elfa Space Makeovers.

The Container Store is located at 10400 W. North Ave Wauwatosa, WI 53226. The hours you can shop is Monday-Saturday 9 a.m.-9 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.

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