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    Happy 11th Birthday Kayla!

    A few days ago we celebrated Kayla’s birthday. She is so happy to be 11 and is counting down the days until she is 13. Why oh why do kids want to rush growing up?

    She wanted to go to Country Springs Water Park so that is where we went.


    After playing in the water for a few hours, we headed home to open gifts.


    Kayla wanted something different this year, instead of a cake she picked a huge double cookie. Every year I have the kids make a list of things they would like for their birthday and a pick a few for gifts.¬†Kayla was happy to see the fox purse, jewelry and Micheal’s gift card that she wanted. I added The Pumponator because it looks like fun. She can blow up balloons with water or air just by pumping. There is even an attachment to help you tie the balloons.