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Dealspotr Is A Money Saving Game Changer!

Since I was younger I have been obsessed with saving money. I remember when I was 18 and moved out on my own. One of the first things I did was get myself a rewards card for one of my favorite grocery stores. This was way before shopping online was popular. These days I do a majority of my shopping online. I love the convenience, of shopping from the comfort of my home and not have to deal with weather or traffic.

When I shop online I always do a search for coupon or promo codes because who wants to pay full price! I hate when I visit deal websites and 99% of the time the codes don’t work.  I get all excited when I see a really good deal and then the code turns out to be invalid. That is so irritating! I don’t have time to go through an entire list of coupon codes to figure out which ones work.

I was recently introduced into a new type of deal site, Dealspotr!

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This post does contain my affiliate links. I earn points if you join through my link.

Dealspotr launched one year ago and has already saved shoppers over $15 million!  They are a pretty face growing deal site. At least 1 million shoppers visit Dealspotr every month.  What really makes this site stand out from the rest is it community driven. Real people are sharing these deals and making sure the codes works. No more fake or invalid codes!

The site is easy to use. Search for a store or brand and all the current deals are listed. I searched for Quizno and found this one:

Other shoppers share tips on how to use the code and validate it to make sure it works. I have found deals from all types of stores from Best Buy to Clinique. If you are looking for free shipping, codes to get a percentage off or the best deals you will find it at Dealspotr.

Earn Gift Cards With Dealspotr!

Not only can you use Dealspotr to save money but you can earn gift cards. It is very easy to earn a $10 gift card or more in your first few days. You earn points by sharing deals and those points go towards an Amazon gift card. I have been using Dealspotr for a week and already have earned over $38,000 points! I am almost ready to cash it in for a $40 gift card.

dealspotr gift cards

I signed up using someone’s referral and automatically earned 5,000 points. That is a $5 gift card right off the bat!

dealspotr referral link

If you use my Dealspotr referral link, you will earn 5,000 points to start off with too. You can also use 1STOPMOM as a promo code.

Signing up for Dealspotr a pretty easy process. You have the choice of using Facebook which will add most of your information or adding it manually. You will have to choose which stores and products you are interested in. This helps Dealspotr decide which brands and stores to show in your personal feed.

dealspotr personal feed

After signing up a validated my first deal.

dealspotr first deal

To validate a deal first pick one that catches your eye. Click on the title. It will take you to the deal page. Copy the code to your clipboard. Go to the website and go through the process of choosing a product and go to check out. Add the promo code. Then take a screenshot. You want proof that the code works or not. This is how you earn points.

dealspotr deals

I use the Snipping Tool if I am on my computer. On my phone I just push the power and home buttons to take a screenshot.

Head back over to Dealspotr and click the green arrow.

dealspotr validate

You will then be taken to the validation screen.

deal validated

You want let other shoppers know if the deal works or not.  This is where you add a tip for shoppers. I just describe the steps I went through on the site. This also where you add the screenshot you took before. Don’t skip these steps! It helps determine how many points you earn. Do more to earn more!


In addition to validating and posting deals to earn points, be sure to check out your daily checklist.

earn gift cards with dealspotr

By completing these tasks you earn at least 200 points. You will also earn points from each individual tasks. It doesn’t take long at all to complete. I love it when I see this each day!



How To Find Deals To Share On Dealspotr

Don’t think you have to be a deal or coupon blogger in order to earn points for gift cards on Dealspotr. Everyone can find and share deals, you just need to know where to look to find them.

Pay attention to emails that stores send you. Use that information to share a deal on the site. If someone has already shared that deal you can still earn points by validating it.

Check out  the newspapers. Put those flyers to good use.  See a product that is on sale? Check their online site to make sure the price is the same and share that deal!

Use social media.  A lot of us are on social media a lot more than we care to admit. If you are like me I follow a lot of brands on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This is a great way to find out about current or upcoming sales. I know in my Facebook sidebar I am always seeing ads about different sales and promotions.

Visit Store Websites. I like to go to the websites of my favorite stores and check out their deals section. You can find a lot of great sales to share that way.

So far I am loving Dealspotr. It is great how they reward you for contributing to the community. I don’t feel like I am wasting my time when I visit their site. A few minutes out of each day and I am able to stay in the loop when it comes to great deals. Earning gift cards are an added bonus!

Remember To Refer Friends To Earn More

The more people that join the Dealspotr community, the better the site is! All the deals and validations come from members so lets keep it growing. You also earn a nice commission when they first join, plus a percentage of the points they earn over the lifetime of their accounts. If you are interested please use my referral link. You will earn 5,000 points right away! It is a win for both of us!

There are 3 different status levels within Dealspotr.




You want to get to Gold Status because you can cash in your points for cash via Paypal instead of a Amazon gift card. Plus there is a 75,000 bonus. That is $75!

Bloggers and influencers earn more with Dealspotr.  Use my influencer code, xcNCXeDf  when you sign up at Dealspotr to get an automatic upgrade to Verified Influencer status. If you use this code when you reach Silver Status you will earn 15,000 points  ($15) and I will earn 5,000 points ($5).

I am @1stopmom on Dealspotr. I hope to see you there, let’s share and earn together!

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