Does Your Insurance Really Have Your Back?

Your car and home are important purchases that you need to protect. I could not imagine getting into an car accident or coming home to find my house burglarized and not have insurance coverage.

My daughter was in a car accident 2 weeks ago. A truck hit her and her car was wrecked.

car accident

I am so thankful that my daughter and granddaughter were both ok. Jazz has some neck and arms problems and has to go to physical therapy. Both Jazz and the other driver have car insurance. She was able to file a claim right away and get a car rental with no problem. She has received a check for the damage done to car and has already bought a replacement.

Last year we had some pretty bad wind storms and a lot of our roof shingles blew off. I called my insurance company and within 7 days someone was out to our house to assess the damage. We received a check to make repairs that same day.

Both of these incidents have proved that our insurance companies had our back. Contacting them and filing claims was easy. Our agents were helpful. We have had the same home insurance for over 22 years and are very happy with them.

Sadly, this was not the case with Todd Kozikowski’s family. An unexpected home renovation error ended up costing his family their health, home, and resulted in long legal battles—all because the insurance carrier didn’t provide the coverage the family thought it did.

Today, Todd has made it his mission to spare others from the same nightmare his family experienced. He and his team recently launched Clearsurance ,the world’s first company to level the playing field between big insurance and consumers.

I recently partnered with Clearsurance to help bring transparency to a traditionally secretive industry. Powered by 10,000+ customer reviews and industry-leading financial ratings, Clearsurance is the first ever ‘Yelp’ for auto, home, and renter’s insurance.

It was easy to sign up and post my review of my insurance company on the Clearsurance website. All I had to do was go to and fill out a short form. By providing my personal insight, I could help someone with choose an insurance company that is helpful and meets their needs.

I’d love to hear your experience dealing with an insurance company while filing a claim. Was the process smooth? Agonizing? Shocking? Head over to, and leave a review on your insurance company. Your experience may save someone lots of trouble down the line.

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