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Don’t want you to get caught off guard

transformerSaturday was movie night for me, hubby and TJ. We let TJ pick so our movie of the night was Transformers 2.  I was pretty excited. My younger brothers played with transformers when they were little. The whole family went to see the first one. I thought it it was ok. So I was ready for part 2.  But I was not ready for the swear words and inappropiate scenes.  I am not talking a bad word here or maybe there. The Transformers were actually cussing, alot. There were dogs humping and quite a few other scences that I just did not feel comfortable watching with my nine year old son.  I don’t know. I think I expected the movie to be a little more “clean”. I mean kids and Transformers do go together.  Now don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoyed the movie. It was funny and had some great action. I just wish it was a little more clean. Then I realized that I never bothered to even check the rating. I seriously was thinking , Transfomers=safe.  I just wanted to share what I thought about  our movie experience.  I think Transformers 2 is a good movie but just not appropiate for kids.

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