Easy Spooktacular Spirits To Make For Halloween

With Halloween c-r-eeeeping up, it’s time to start thinking of spooky drink recipes that will have family and friends screaming in delight. Filling up on candy and sweets this fright-tastic holiday makes it hard to feel guilt-free, but have no fear! I have some delicious and low-calorie drink recipes  to share with you for your upcoming parties and get- togethers thanks to Cascade Ice.

Blood Punch

halloween blood punch recipe

Using a large punch bowl, mix 3 parts of Cascade Ice in Black Raspberry with 1.5 parts of Cascade Ice Cranberry Pomegranate. Then stir in 1.5 parts cups of grape juice and 2 parts of club soda. Add in 2 cups of frozen strawberries to complement the flavors and serve. For added drama, add some dry ice to the table.

Boo-Berry Slush

Blueberry Smoothie

Pour 5 oz Cascade Ice Blueberry Watermelon and 5 oz of Cascade Ice Wild Berry into a blender with a handful of ice. Add a cup of blueberries and mix to desired consistency. Pour the slushy into a glass and garnish with blueberries or a gummy worm.

The Screamsicle

halloween screamsicle

No holiday is complete without a mixed drink for mom and dad. Mix 6oz Cascade Ice Orange Mango with 1/2 oz of Orange Vodka and 2oz of Whipped Cream-flavored vodka in a glass with ice. Garnish your drink with some red or black liquorish for the perfect cocktail!

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