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Energizer Inductive Charger


I can get pretty forgetful sometimes, especially when it comes to charging all the different devices we have laying around the house. When you are always on the go, life is much easier if everything is charged. There have been too many times on my way out of the house I realized that my phone was not charged. This is where the Energizer® Inductive Charger comes into the picture. This charger has advanced technology which inludes Qi (pronounced chee). Qi allows you to charge your smartphones cord free. Now that really caught my attention because we have cords everywhere. But for some strange reason, we have a hard time finding the actual cord we need (they all look alike). This usually results in time spent looking high and low looking for a certain cord. My family does this all the time.

I recently was able to review the Energizer® Inductive Charger and iPhone sleeve. In the box you get the charger and ac adapter. the Inductive Charger can charge up to three devices. There are two spots on the front of the device and a usb port on the back. Nannah plugged her PSP in with no problem. You can plug in a camera, mp3 or anything that can charge through an usb port.


You will need a sleeve to use this with your smart device. Right now the two smart phones that are supported are the iPhone and Blackberry.


I was sent the sleeve for the iPhone. The sleeve is two pieces and made of tough material that fits the iPhone perfectly. It has a great grip and did not slip out of my hand at all. There are holes for the volume buttons, headphones and camera. It is easy to remove the sleeve but I keep mine on. It makes sense to leave it on so I can just set it on the charger and be done. The less steps the better.


Once I put the sleeve on, I set the iPhone on the charging pad. I put it on there sideways, on an angle and the middle. It did not matter, it charged. That is nice to know that I do not have to set my phone on an exact spot to charge. If that was the case I would probaly still have the problem of grabbing an uncharged phone.

The Energizer® Inductive Charger has made a huge difference in my day to day life. I have not used the charging cord since I have tried this. I love seeing that little blue light glowing, it gives me once less thing to worry about. The ac adapter cord is a nice length so the options of where I want to put the charger pad are endless. I hate it when products come with really short cords.

Jazz did try her iPod Touch in the sleeve. Of course it did not fit very well, it moved around. The sleeve is made for the iPhone, but the touch did charge. I hope that there are future plans for an iPod Touch sleeve.

The Energizer® Inductive Charger can be found at Target for $89.99. The sleeves are $34.99

I was provided with a media sample to review. The opinions are 100% mine as always.
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