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Found some really good deals

I went shopping the last few days and found some great deals. I bought a pack of Always Infinity and there is a coupon attached for a free 12 month subscription to any of four magazines.  You can choose from Lucky, Allure, Glamour and Teen Vogue. Good freebie right?

My second deal was at JCPenny. The trip started out great because we were able to find a coat for Kayla for  $35 that she feel in love with. Regular price for the coat was $70. Then I found the shirts. For TJ I found some Arizona Polo shirts for $2.50!!! Regular price $19.00 polo

I grabbed a few solid colors ones for school  as well as some nice striped ones and figured we would come back the next day. Well guess what we came back and only 1 was left. But it was marked down to $.98!!

I even found some nice polo shirts for Nannah and Kayla for $1.97 each.  I wish I had more time to look through the store. I am sure there are so more hidden deals.

I swear I love JCPenny’s. You never know what you will find there. I even found a few Christmas gifts marked down 50%.

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