Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Give The Gift Of Stem This Holiday Season

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4M educational toys cover a wide range of subjects and include science kits, arts and crafts kits, robotics kits, and more. Each toy is creative, imaginative, inspiring-and most of all, fun! They encourage your child’s inquisitive nature while teaching them to explore the world around them.

These type of kits have always been a hit with my kids. It is pretty cool to see them put these kits together and the look on their faces after they have made something themselves.  I advise you get more than one because after they complete the first kit they will want to build something else!

Kitchen Science ($14.99)

stem toys 3

Perform amazing experiments with everyday materials found in the kitchen. Kit contains six specially designed fun and educational experiments. Light up a bulb using a fork and tomato! Launch a rocket using baking soda and vinegar!

Solar Rover ($19.99)

stem toys

Learn how sunlight is converted to energy. Build this cool rover using the kit parts provided and an old soda can.

Crystal Growing Experimental Kit ($9.99)

stem toys 4

Grow your own colorful crystal with these fun and educational little kits. Each kit contains crystal liquid, container and full instructions.

Smart Cleaner ($16.99)

stem toys 1

Construct a smart sweeping cleaner by applying mechanical engineering concepts.

Magnet Science ($14.99)

stem toys 2

Perform fun experiments and magnet games while learning the science principles involved! Each kit contains a super magnet set used to create 10 fun experiments and games, including a magnet racer, a yacht compass, a magnetic sculpture and much more.

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  • Reply shelly peterson

    These kits are pretty cool and look like lots of fun. These would be great for my grandson.

    December 29, 2017 at 5:12 am
  • Reply Janet W.

    These would make great gifts for my grandsons! They would love the Crystal Growing Experimental Kit!

    January 1, 2018 at 6:48 am
  • Reply Yona Williams

    I would love to play with something like the volcano model with my nephew. The Growing Crystals is also pretty cool. He might like that better.

    January 3, 2018 at 11:00 pm
  • Reply Christina A.

    Totally fun! I love buying toys that are educational but still fun for kids–I often buy toys like this for our nephew at Christmas!

    January 9, 2018 at 5:46 pm
  • Leave a Reply to Christina A. Cancel reply