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Homido GRAB Makes Virtual Reality Easy For Kids

Product provided for review purposes. Opinions 100% my own. 

Virtual reality is fun. It used to be something you could only experience after spending some big bucks. And letting kids use it was out of the question. There is an affordable option out there that the entire family use, Homido GRAB.

homido grab review

virtual reality for kids

Homido GRAB is an affordable virtual reality headset to use with smartphones. It is available in Red, Yellow, Blue or Black.

homido grab review

This headset is perfect to introduce kids into the immersive world of VR for the first time. Just clip any phone into the front to play over 1,000+ VR games and apps for iOS or Android, or even watch movies.

Many of these apps are just for fun: Lamper VR, for example, turns you into a firefly that has to dodge tree stalks and gather lights, while Cedar Point VR puts you on its legendary roller coaster Valravn, riding an exact replica of the real coaster in Ohio.

But many are also educational, like Chemistry VR, where players have to mix chemicals into new solutions to escape a room. Meanwhile, Discovery VR, made by the Discovery Channel, brings you all over the world to walk with elephants, swim with manta rays, float alongside the International Space Station and watch myths busted in-person on the virtual set of MythBusters.

We have checked out Youtube’s Virtual Reality Channel and You Visit to use with the Homido GRAB. There are so many apps that your possibilities are endless when it comes to exploring. I am glad there are so many options out there.

Homido even helps you pick out the best apps with the Homido Center app, free for both iPhone and Android. Choose from categories like Flying, Simulation, Horror or Relaxation and it’ll take you straight to the App Store or Google Play to download them.

Besides the expansive educational and recreational apps to play with, Homido GRAB also lets you watch 360° movies—videos that let you turn your head and see in every direction, just like real life. It makes you feel truly inside the scene, whether you’re skiing down the Alps, tiptoeing through a haunted house or even celebrating your nephew’s birthday party recorded with the upcoming Homido 360° Camera.

And because it earned the prestigious Works with Google Cardboard certification from Google, there’s no question about its quality.

My family had a great time using Homido GRAB. The House of Terror VR app had my son jumping out of his skin! He said it felt like he was really there.  It is easy to use and durable.

homido grab review

The case of the Homido GRAB has these little bumps on it to making gripping and holding it easy.

affordable virtual reality

The phone is held by an adjustable, spring-based holder mechanism that makes it compatible with any phone, from a tiny Android to the massive iPhone 6plus.  We tried it with a Samsung Galaxy S5 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

homido grab for kids

There’s even a button that lets you interact with the virtual worlds that await you.

homido grab review

The Homido GRAB Virtual Reality Headset does not have a strap to hold it in place but this a good thing. You are able to remove the headset from in front of your eyes quickly which is great for safety reasons.

Like all other Homido products, the Homido GRAB is made with quality, custom-made lenses. It’s also made with durable plastic, so even the most accident-prone children or adults can toss it in their backpack or knock of off a table, and the headset will survive the wear and tear while protecting the phone inside it.

Homido GRAB is the fourth headset available from Homido, for $39.99 at and

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  • Reply Stacey Roberson

    This device sounds amazing. I love that you can watch 360° movies that allow you turn your head and see in every direction.

    December 14, 2016 at 2:21 pm
    • Reply Sara

      Very nice would love this

      December 18, 2016 at 9:44 am
  • Reply Geri Sandoval

    Homido is a great device, you can visit the world from your living room. Your kids can go anywhere in the world see animals, go places you could never see and have fun like going on a roller coaster or going water skiing. My granddaughters would love this and the price the awesome.

    December 17, 2016 at 11:48 am
  • Reply rochelle haynes

    Looking good my grandson would love this

    December 19, 2016 at 7:24 am
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