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Meet My Friend Spotlight

I love it when I come across some great blogs and it gets even better when I get the chance to meet that person in real life. I wanted to start this little thing called Meet My Friend Spotlight. I hoping it will be a fun way to give love to some really great bloggers.

This week I would like you to meet This Full House.


I was able to meet Liz in person at the Nestle Blogger Event I attended. She is an such a great person. First of all she is so nice and friendly. I just fell in love with her when I heard her snort, lol. It is so cute, if something is really funny she snorts when she laughs! I just love it. I honestly believe once you visit This Full House you will fall in love with Liz too. She is just so real and honest. The posts Completely Honest  and Don’t Sweat the Dirty Laundry are proof of this. Liz has a sock basket just like we do! She has this page on her blog which gives a virtual tour of her house. Would a great idea and I feel like I know her even more.

This Full House is full of posts that cover just about anything and you could easily find yourself there reading for quite a while, lol. You can follow This Full House here on Twitter.

So please take the time to Meet My Friend and show her some love. You may find some really interesting stuff over there 🙂

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