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Mighty Handle Makes A Mighty Difference

mighty handle

Shopping shouldn’t be so hard. Mighty Handle is meant to help you carry more Bags. One Trip. No Spills. Easy to store, dishwasher safe, 100% recyclable and proudly made in the USA.


When I go grocery shopping, 75% of the time I am by myself.  My husband is at work and the kids are at school.  We are a family of six with pets so I usually have a lot of bags.  And I have to carry them all in house.

My shopping routine usually goes like this:

I load up my van with all of my grocery bag and drive home. During the ride home I seem to hit every pothole that is in the road. I get home open the van door and most of the groceries have fallen out the bag. This means I have to climb in and check under all the seats. This is mandatory because we once lost a roll of sausage and found it a few days later. After all the loose groceries are put back in the bag, I try to grab 4 or 5 bags in each hand. I really hate running in and out plus in my mind I am actually saving time. Of course my hands are full so I can not control the screen door which hits me right on the back of my ankle. A few times. If I am having a good day, I don’t drop any bags because my hands are too full.

Can you see how carrying the bags into the house turns into a whole “thing”?

When the opportunity came up to check out the Mighty Handle, I knew I had to give it a try. The Mighty Handle has a simple goal: to make carrying more bags easier. This is something my family could use.

mighty handle

The Mighty Handle has a straightforward design. There is a hook on each side to hold bags and a sturdy handle that does not hurt your hands. I was happy with it when I gave it a try. The rest of the family wanted to try it out too.

mighty handle

mightyhandleThe Mighty Handle does make carrying bags easier and cuts down on the number of trips from the car to the house. I tried the twist bag method and my groceries did not spill.

After using The Mighty Handle I can say I did not complain once about my sore hands. I will be keeping a pair in my van so I do not forget them the next time I go shopping.

See The Mighty Handle in action!

You can buy a Mighty Handle  2 pack at for $9.99.

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