Momma’s Chic Motion Sickness Bags

Mommas Chic Sicbags have got the perfect solution for problems faced by thousands on a daily basis!! These great MOTION SICKNESS BAGS are both disposable and sanitary and can handle the toughest of all accidents. These bags are HUGE and are available with your choice of three unique logos imprinted on them. The TRAVEL DESIGN displays all forms of travel including: cars, trucks, boats, helicopters, cruise ships and canoes – just to name a few. Other logos include a design for MORNING SICKNESS, perfect for moms-to-be in their first trimester, and a design for children’s use, comically named PUKE UNIVERSITY. Each bag comes complete with its own SANITIZING WIPE for a safe and effective clean-up. The bags are easily folded to fit in a pocket, car glove compartment, handbag, or a backpack. These unique bags are available in packs of 3 or 10 per design. How handy is that?
These functional and attractive bags are a perfect addition to your car, boat, camper, school bags, and pocketbook. You may never know when the need arrives, but you will know you are prepared for an emergency with this convenient product. Pregnant women will find them very helpful when going back and forth to work, travelling or shopping. Parents with toddlers will also be grateful if they have these great motion sickness bags on hand when the need arises. These over sized bags will stand up to almost any emergency and the bags have tabs for safe and sanitary disposal into any garbage facility. With the sanitizing wipe, included in each bag, the mess and germs will be a distant memory. You’ll never have to worry again about nausea or vomiting when you have these bags with you. No more embarrassment of making a mess in your car, train seat, or friend’s boat!!
THESE BAGS ARE GREAT GIFTS FOR THE NEWLY PREGNANT MOM IN ANTICIPATION OF THE DREADED MORNING SICKNESS!! Grandmas- to -be should give these as a gift without delay. Moms-to-be will be most grateful!

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