My Baby Is Sixteen!!

I still remember this baby. Nannah was not even 1 year old yet.

nannah first christmas

Then she grew up and became a teenager.


Now she is taller than me, in high school and making plans for her future.


Last Wednesday she turned the big one six. 16 years old. Where did my baby go?

This means she can get a job this summer and take driving lessons. I am a even more nervous then when Jazz started to drive!

Our family loves to laugh and we like to play harmless tricks on one another. This year Kayla and I fooled Nannah by telling her we forgot to order her birthday cake.  We told her her we baked her homemade cupcakes instead.  She was a little disappointed because each year she gets to choose what she wants on her birthday.All Nannah wanted was a big birthday cake and reminded us every day what she wanted. 

When Nannah came down the stairs and saw we got her exactly what she wanted, she had a huge smile on her face.


Next she opened cards and gifts.


Nannah plays practical jokes on us all the time. She likes to play jokes on me the most so I planned a really good one on her.

She broke her iPod screen right before we came to The Dells. We gave her a gift of a phone case.


She thought there was a phone inside. I told her that she could use it when she borrows the phone I have for the younger kids when they go places. She did not like that but tried to hide her disappointment.


Nannah does a good fake smile, but I knew she did not like this idea. Next I asked her ” Do you want to see how it looks on your Dad’s phone?” She was all like No! His phone is totally different!

Then she saw that her Dad’s phone was really her new phone!


She was so happy! I love that my kids are good sports.

Nannah I love you so much. You have such a huge heart and a smile that lights up a room. You are so smart and your creativity always amazes me. Always be yourself and never forget to laugh.

Happy 16th my beautiful girl!!


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