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Nestle Happy Healthy Gathering Blogger Event

If you have ever read my blog, you know how much I love to learn and experience new things. Well, I feel extremely blessed to have been invited to visit the Nestle Headquarters in Los Angeles for a two day blogger event. It is really great to have been invited to be a part of this. I never even realized how many Nestle products I already use. About two year ago I ran out of my normal evaporated milk for my grandmother’s “Sweet Potato Pie”. Which by the way, I only know how to make in batches of 3, lol. I happened to have some Carnation evaporated milk and have been using it ever since! And oh my goodness have you ever tasted the Stouffer’s Meatloaf? Ask my husband how much I love it! It is the only meatloaf I eat and I grab it whenever it is on sale. You get six little loaves in gravy. Add some mashed potatoes and you are good to go! Don’t even get me started on their drumsticks. They have these mini ones that I am not afraid to admit that sometimes eat more than one. The chocolate fudge brownie is sooooo good!

But back to the Nestle Blogger Event. It is a two day event . Tomorrow we get to meet with the CEO who will tell us about the history of Nestle and its brands. I have already been surprised about the brands I already use that are part of the Nestle family. We will also have the opportunity to ask some Nestle experts questions while sampling some new products.

I am looking forward to meeting some bloggers I admire, making some new friends, while learning as much as I can about a company whose products I love.

Now I am off to dinner 🙂 I am a little nervous but plan on having a good time.

Nestle Family

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