Out the corner of my eye

I see a lot. Like the time that monster attacked my van on the driver’s side one winter. Ok, it wasn’t really a monster it was a deer. But it was really dark and unexpected and shoot, it looked like a monster, lol. Now every time I see a deer I get nervous.

I see my children actually getting along and helping each other.

I see the man I am going to grow old with and could not be happier.

I see how quickly my nieces, nephews and cousins are growing up so fast. I have to stop telling them “You look like such a big boy ” every time I see them. Yes I really do that. I am sure they don’t like it since they are grown but they let me get away with it.

I see my children holding doors and being polite for others.

I can spot a clearance sign clear across the store, behind a few people,  without my glasses on.

I can see the laundry piles and clutter. But so what? There will always be laundry and clutter.

I see the coupons I let expire. I slowly count backwards from 20. Not ten because there were some really good ones I let go to waste.

I see how happy my husband is when he has a great time fishing.

I can see what a wonderful family I have.

I see so much kindness in others.

I can see who I used to be, who I am and who I am becoming.

What do you see out the corner of your eye?

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