My New Favorite Popcorn

    I need to eat better and I know this. This is an ongoing battle for me because most of the time the stuff that is good for me does not taste good. Well popcorn is one of my favorite snacks especially when I am watching a movie. For the last few years or so I have been obsessed with Kettle Corn. I’m not sure but it is something about the salty and sweet tastes mixing that is so good. One day while shopping in Pick and Save I tried a new type of popcorn they were giving out samples of. It was Orville Redenbacher’s Buttery Salt and Cracked Pepper. It didn’t sound very appetizing to me but the lady giving out the samples was so nice I just took one. The taste was different. I wasn’t quite sold. Later in my shopping she offered me another sample. The flavor was growing on me. Let’s just say I now have a new favorite. So last night I was waiting for the popcorn to finish in the microwave so I started glancing at the box. Would you believe I never knew this popcorn was whole grain!! In all these months I have never paid attention to the box. I just liked the taste of it. When I think about it I realized I am using less salt when I eat this popcorn. Usually when I am eating popcorn I add lots of salt but I have not added salt one time with my Buttery Salt and Cracked Pepper. And it still tastes good! Yay for me!!

    Kayla, Life

    Speechless- but not for long

    Speech therapy in our home is road that we have travelled down before. Our daughter Nannah (10) had problems with others understanding her so out of frustration she would not talk at school when she started K-4. Luckily Nannah’s teacher noticed the problem and got her set up for testing for speech therapy. We were able to find out that as a result of Nannah’s numerous ear infections as a baby, she heard words differently. So of course she pronounced her words according to how she heard them. The speech therapy classes she attended totally changed Nannah. She went from a shy and self conscience child to a well rounded and very outspoken child.

    We have come to find out recently that K.K. also needs speech therapy. See, K.K. does not talk around those she is not comfortable with. This includes family members that she does not see on a regular basis and her friends and teacher at school. My little princess has been this way since she has been on this earth. She has no problem speaking around her siblings and my husband and I. When she started K-4 we thought that K.K. just had to get used to be in a school type environment and she would eventually start talking. Unfortunately she did not. The issue of not talking became more of a concern when she started Kindergarten this year and still would not talk. She did take a few steps forward because she started whispering to a few classmates and her teacher. But K.K. would not talk so that she could be heard clearly. I became scared that the school would think that since she did not talk she was not learning anything. I did not want that to be the case especially since from the time she gets home until she goes to sleep she talks nonstop!! She counts and spells and even has started sounding out words so I know she is taking everything in. I came up with the idea to video tape K.K. just talking around the house with and I took it up to the school. The speech teacher watched the video and heard some problems in Kayla’s speech. It turns out that K.K. has a severe phonological speech disorder. I am glad we were able to find out what the problem is because now we can work on fixing it. I just hate the fact that school is only in session for about another month. I feel so bad because I feel I should have caught this. I just didn’t see it. As a mom I was just able to understand her even when she did not pronounce words correctly. I don’t see how I missed it. Well tonight was the beginning of homework from speech class. We worked on the K sound and she did good. I could see the pride she was feeling when I told her how good she was doing. I am so glad we have a plan of action now.

    Kids, Life

    What happened this morning?

    Late last night Jazz reminded me that there is a field trip in the morning. I am not sure how I forgot it. I know I need to get my butt a little more organized. It is on my to do list. Honest! Of course K.K. discovered she was not sleepy and found every reason not to go to sleep. She may be only 5 but she is definitely crafty. My hubby and I were watching the season finale of Survivor and I turn around and K.K. has snuck back on the computer. She claims she just had to check her Virtual Villagers game but I’m pretty sure that was not the truth. Let’s just say she did not end up going to sleep until after 12 and in my bed. I was so tired I just let her get in bed with us. I am hoping to be much better this week with making her sleep in her room. She goes through these phases where sometimes she loves to sleep in her own room and other times she wants to be in our room.

    Anyways since Jazz is on the student council she is going on a trip to Chicago this morning. She had to be there before 6:30 am. Luckily I woke up before 6 and got all the kids’ clothes ironed for school. But somehow we ended up being 15 minutes late. I do not know what happened. I swear it seems like the more I am in a hurry, the slower the kids move. Especially Nannah. I am not sure why, but she has an attitude this morning. But this is nothing new. K.K. shoes had knots in them and those were the only shoes she would wear. Tj was being me his usual self. At least he partially cleaned his room before school. So I guess it is time for me to get off the computer because my house looks like a tornado hit it. Hopefully I can do a little laundry, mop the kitchen , clean up my bedroom and bath, sort through the clean laundry, clean up K.K’s room, put away my husband’s uniforms, get books ready to go back to the library, fix the kid’s computer, vacuum Tj’s room and clean up the living room before the kids get home from school. Well I can wish can’t I?