What a busy week!

    Well it all started last week with the snake the kids found in the yard. We thought it was over but then later that day the kids found another snake. Or at least we think another snake. My hubby seems to think the same snake came back but I don’t know, he might be trying to trick me.

    My hubby and kids went fishing and my little man caught this….

    I think my hubby said it was a northern but I could be wrong since the only fish I know is catfish.

    Jazz had her final orchestra performance. She plays the violin so beautifully. Even though my anxiety started to mess with me a little, I made it through. I am so proud of her. I can’t believe she is starting high school in September, I am no where near ready.

    Nannah and Tj did their science fair projects. They both did cookies missing one ingredient. Jazz helped Nannah with hers and they came out great. I help TJ with his and his came out , well you know . Teachers at school ate Nannah’s project accidently. But amazing enough everyone at the school like TJ’s cookies even with no sugar and half the flour.

    Jazz was in the paper for being one of the 2008 Student Achiever Awards Winners in Wisconsin. And she has won a $5000 scholarship for college. Yay!!!!

    In the mail Saturday I got a momAgenda Desktop and an adult and toddler Seaband that I won over at MommyDaddyBlog and a Shiny Star Pup over at Sophistishe which Jazz loves and it came in her favorite color, purple! Thanks you guys. The momAgenda Desktop is perfect for me. Green is one of my favorite colors and the agenda is full of space for everything, I love it. And my girls fell in love with the Seabands, especially K.K. And thanks for the little bonus too!

    This weekend I did not obsess about the laundry for once. I figured since my husband went fishing with his cousins for about 12 hours, I could use a little break. ( I know, I will pay for it tomorrow) I was able to watch the final season of The Wire. That was really great, so much stuff happened that I did not see coming. I wish I had someone to talk about with. Guess I will have to wait until hubby sees it. Oh and I watched 4 movies. Over her dead body (funny), Exiled (turned off after first 15 minutes), Civic Duty (okay for watching if you can’t sleep) and Lookout (really slow and didn’t get ok until about 10 minutes from the end). I even got a chance to wash, blow dry and flat iron K.K’s hair. Oh yeah, we picked up Jazz’s graduation gift but I can’t say what it is because she reads this blog sometimes. Well guess it’s time to get some sleep.

    Food, Kids

    Don’t Laugh……

    Ok, well don’t laugh a lot. Tj has a science project due tomorrow and I kinda forgot. So we pull out the list of projects you can choose from and we decided to do chocolate chip cookies. Please keep in mind that I can not make chocolate chip cookies to save my life. I can make sweet potato pie, chocolate pecan pie, cheesecake, all that good stuff. My husband is the cookie maker. Anyways, we were going to make 2 batches. One without flour and one with all the ingredients. The first batch came out horrible! It was all liquid like and yucky. Ok, so we decide to make a batch without granulated sugar. Turns out I didn’t add the right amount of flour. The recipe called for 1 1/2 cup but we only added 1/2 cup. Those came out like this.


    So then we make a batch with the correct ingredients and it came out like this!


    I asked Jazz to pose with the cookies so you could see how thin the second batch came out.


    I then asked Jazz to pose with the third batch. I didn’t like the picture so I looked down to adjust my camera. When I looked up to take another picture there was no cookie but this was the look on her face.


    She says they might not look good but they sure do taste good! I plan on writing a note to Tj’s teacher. I don’t want him to get a bad grade because I don’t know how to bake cookies. I feel bad but I really did try.

    Update: The kids at school really liked the cookies with no sugar in them! Go figure.


    Wii Fit – Day 5

    Ok, we have had Wii Fit for 5 days and we love it! I even got my husband to try it out. He is a little mad at the Wii right now because he went fishing this morning and fell twice. He didn’t get hurt so it’s ok to laugh. He blames the Wii. He fell because Wii Fit told him his center of balance is off! How funny is that?
    I thought it would fun to share some pics of our experience with Wii Fit. You will notice we play games the way there are meant to be played, on a projector screen. It makes playing Wii so much fun. Maybe I will find other players who would like to comment on their progress on Wii Fit. I wonder if everyone’s center of balance is off.
    Please excuse my messy house, we have been busy playing Wii and just for the record I do comb K.K’s hair, she was playing in it earlier. lol

    This is Nannah and K.K. doing the hula hoop and a few screen shots


    this is K.K. doing the ski jump

    this is k.k. doing the tightrope
    Doesn’t it look fun? I will be adding more pics later of our scores, we have been doing really good! I did the hula hoop today and got 292 spins!! When I started I was only able to do 68!!