Pet Peeves

I am slowly discovering that when it comes to my kids, I have developed some pet peeves. I have had pet peeves before but these are especially irritating.

1. Making plans to go somewhere but no plans to get home. My daughter just “assumes” she has an on call chauffeur.
2. Leaving empty boxes of oatmeal and cereal in the pantry. My kids think I am psychic and should know that they are out of everything breakfast related.
3. Making plans to go to the mall or movies and telling everyone I will take them home. Plus not mentioning to me that these children need a ride home. My daughter seems to forget (quite often) that if I am picking her up from the mall in my sunfire, there is only room for her and her 3 siblings. I have no room for anyone else!

As you can probably tell, I can not wait until school starts back! But I do feel better after venting a little,lol.

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  • Reply Rachel L

    Oh, I HATE empty cereal boxes in the pantry. My HUSBAND does that. 🙁

    August 8, 2008 at 10:02 pm
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