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Preparing For The Talk With Your Daughter #kotexmom

When it comes to anything you do in life, being prepared makes a big difference. Not only does it make things go a lot easier, but you can prepare yourself with facts so if anything pops up you will be able to handle it. This also applies when you need to get yourself ready to have the “Period Talk” with your daughter.

It is very important that you don’t just jump into an intense conversation where you are presenting a lot of facts. You want to know where your child’s head is at, see what do they know. As I have mentioned before, there are quite a few things to think of when you are ready to talk with your daughter:

  • Have the talk privately, not around the family
  • Make sure you are both in the mood to talk
  • Don’t rush the talk. Make time and room for questions
  • Do not plan for the “Period Talk” to be done and over with in one discussion. There may be just a few conversations where more questions are asked.

The Kotex Tween site wants to make it easier for parents to prepare to have the talk with their daughter. There is a Prepare For The Talk section that can come in handy. The first thing you want to do is pick a day for having the Period Talk. From there you want to decide how you want to start the conversation. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Have a girls’ day with just the two of you. A day of beauty at home or out and about where you can talk about becoming a woman.
  • When you are with your daughter and see a commercial or ad for pads or tampons, use that to jump start a conversation.
  • Talk about what happens during your own period.
  • Ask you daughter if she would like to write down things she has heard about periods or questions she may have. This may be easier than saying it out loud.

During The Conversation

    • Become familiar with products used during your period. Have pads, liners and tampons on hand so your daughter can see what they look like and learn how to use them.
    • Make up a period kit. Kotex sent my daughters a cosmetic bag with ponytail holders, lip balm, band aids, brush and mirror combo and nail file. I added a few Kotex Tween Liners. You can include some other things like an extra pair of panties, wet wipes and a note to give to her teacher.


  • Ask your daughter what getting her period means to her
  • Listen to the questions your daughter has
  • Be open and honest. Let your daughter know what things were on your mind before, during and after having your first period. This can really help to know her thoughts are normal and are here to help.
Please remember that the Kotex website is a great resource for tips and information when it comes to periods.

I wrote this review while participating in a Brand Ambassador Campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of U by Kotex Tween and received products to facilitate my post and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate

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