Privacy and Kids

Ok, I am busy returning emails and leaving comments on all the various communities I am part of. So I go to MySpace, leave my mother in law and sister in law comments on their pages. Then I go to my daughter’s page. I leave my comment and decide to take a quick look at her pictures. She is 14 and is always taking pictures of herself. I see that someone leaves her a comment. It is a boy. He likes her pictures. He is a friend of hers but I still don’t like it. I mean she is so pretty and smart. Of course boys will like her. I am just not ready for her to grow up yet. Then I really got to thinking. Am I invading her privacy by reading her comments? Is it like reading a child’s diary? I have never read my children’s journals or diaries. I want to be a responsible parent. You hear all these stories about predators online and I want to protect her. You know, just keep my eye on things. I think I raised her right and we talk about a lot of things. But I still feel that need to protect her. I wonder, can you ever really let your kids grow up?

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