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saturdaysharingI wanted a place to share stuff in a somewhat organized manner, lol so I welcome you to Saturday Sharing.

This past week I watched a movie on dvr from Lifetime called The Pregnancy Pact. Did anyone else get a chance to check it out? If you didn’t see it you can see it online for free. I wanted to see this movie because I am the mom of three girls. One is 15 years old. I also have watched the shows 16 and pregnant and Teen Mom on MTV. I have found them to be a good way for me to get into conversations about the whole subject of sex and what can happen as a result. It eases my daughter into just freely talking about what she thinks. Anyways this Lifetime movie was interesting. The young girls had no dreams other than to be moms and hold on to their boyfriends while the boys wanted to go to college. There were disturbing parts where these pregnant teens who thought it would be “cute” to be pregnant were making horrible decisions without thinking about the effects. The girls were drinking and smoking while pregnant. I wish that subject was touched upon more. I  like when movies wrap up all the “so what happened”. This one didn’t and it should have.

I was with Jazz at Aeropostale Friday (yeah I went to the mall but only for a little while). This was my first time ever in Aeropostale. There were a few affordable deals and a pretty nice promotion going on. It’s called the Teens for Jeans. You are able to drop off any pair of gently worn jeans and they will get donated to a local homeless shelter or charity. For your donation you get a coupon for 25% off your next pair of jeans. The first 100,000 pairs of jeans that are donated will be sent to Haiti and Aeropostale will match the donation with brand new jeans. This will be going on until 2/14.

Did you know Pampers Cruisers have changed?  Yep, they now have this new, revolutionary Dry Max™ technology to help lock in wetness.  The Cruisers are also softer and thinner. Even though these pampers are not even for sale yet, you can request a three pack sample of Pampers Cruisers.  As an added bonus, if your sample  includes a diaper stamped Team USA  you will win a year’s supply of Pampers diapers! You might want to jump on this because it may go pretty fast!!

Last Sunday I discovered that Target has  this thing called daily deals. For one day you can a special product at a really good price with free shipping. So guess what I found? A portable t.v. marked down to $49.99  from $99.99. 


 I thought that was a pretty good deal. It had a 7 inch screen, picked up digital signals, had a remote, wall charger and car charger. I had a few gift cards so I jumped at that deal! I ended up getting it for under $25. It came in three days and I love it.  I admit, I love gadgets 🙂 But my favorite part is it has a rechargable battery. The last portable tv I had ran on four double a batteries and you could not even it hook it up to anything else like a game console or dvd player. oldtv

Boy was I excited when I got that one, lol, over 10 years ago. I am really happy with this new one. I even tested it with my Roku. It worked perfectly and has a clear, crisp picture.

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