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saturdaysharingI wanted a place to share stuff in a somewhat organized manner, lol so I welcome you to Saturday Sharing.

As always I love stopping by For the Love of Chaos because I can always find posts that just are inspiring and sometimes what I need to hear. Yesterday Kat wrote a post called “When you feel like together is not worth the effort anymore” and it is a good one on relationships. I am encouraging everyone to read it.

Thursday, April 22nd Trista and Ryan Sutter – from “The Bachelorette”  – will be hosting a daylong Earth Day Party on ParentsConnect filled with games, tips, prizes and fun. From 10 am to 8 pm EST, parents of all ages can take part in the event and have the chance to win “green” prizes for the whole family.  Topics discussed throughout the day will range from recycling and water conservation to organic foods, buying in bulk, and much more. Get more info here. Nickelodeon will also premiere an environmentally conscious SpongeBob SquarePants special, “SpongeBob’s Last Stand” at 8:00 pm ET/PT.  The half-hour special is part of a green-themed day of programming, beginning at 9:00 a.m. ET/PT.  A corresponding SpongeBob online game, Jelly Fishin Mission, will allow kids to learn about the environment through different levels at different bikini bottom locales. The game and on-air special work together to engage kids and urge them to make a difference with Nickelodeon’s The Big Help.

Are you blogging and need a favicon? Then you have to check out Momspark. This is great mom community that is worth checking out. While you are visiting be sure to stop by Mom Made That. Another wonderful site by Amy. If you want to support mom businesses or list your own this is the place to go! And I am not saying this because I actually had the pleasure of meeting her in person and just love her!!!!

I was visiting Modern Mami and she has an interesting post about bloggers and giveaways. She always has great posts and I enjoy hearing what she has to say. Another post to check out is the one she wrote on  her Social Media Routine. Do you have one? I know I need one, lol.

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