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Smead makes tax time less stressful

Tax time is among us. If you are one of the lucky ones, you have probably received most of your tax forms already. For those of us who have not gotten your forms, they should start coming soon.  When it comes to organizing all of my tax paperwork, I usually take a pretty basic approach. My goal is put all of our receipts and tax related paper in a folder throughout the year. Well, that has not really been working out for me. I start off pretty ok, but within a few months of the New Year, I get lazy and don’t use the folder anymore.  What this usually means is during the last few weeks of January, I am searching high and low for papers that we can use for deductions. Let me tell you, it is not as fun as it sounds!

Smead recently sent me two of their products to help me get organized, a tax organizer and expanding file. Both offer a different way to organize your tax paperwork throughout the year easily. The expanding file is available in three different indexing methods: alphabetical, (daily) numeric and months of the year.  The one I received was the Jan-Dec one. I am thinking that if I want to use this one I could just drop the necessary paperwork inside each month. Simple and easy. The tax organizer is definitely my favorite of the two. When you open it up the first thing you see is a Tax Checklist. There are spaces to write who the return is for, the date and year and the return was filed. I like this one because during the year you can use it to keep track of all your paperwork and for storage after you file you taxes. You could actually put it on a shelf, from the side it looks like a book. The Tax Organizer keeps everything neatly, which I love.

You can find the Smead All In One Tax Organizer over at Amazon for $11.49, the Recycled Tax Organizer Expanding File at Office Depot for $17.60 and Jan-Dec Indexed Expanding File  at Walmart for $12.47.  The special pricing is only for a limited time only.

If you are looking for tips to help you get started with organizing your taxes, be sure to check out Smead Organics.

I was provided with products to review for free. I was compensated with a gift card to share my opinions which are 100% mine as always.

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