Summer Is The Perfect Time For A Less Is More Attitude

There are times throughout the year  when our lives are so chaotic.  You know what I mean. Always on the go because there is so much going on. I do not like all the creepy crawly things that the summer months bring but I love that when our schedules are a lot more laid back.  The days are longer and we like to cook on the grill, take road trips, go fishing and visit fairs.


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It’s all about family fun.  We get out of the house and spend quality time together. My husband’s favorite fishing spots are usually at least an hour away so it is always a little adventure. Summer is also an ideal time to slow down and incorporate a more mindful routine at home.

This season, prioritize a “less-is-more” lifestyle by making smart swaps, like using products with better ingredients, to simplify your life and create an even healthier home for your family. With these easy, helpful tips, you can arm yourself with the tools to spend more time focusing on family and fun.

Pick Produce. What you feed your family often fuels summer fun, but favorite treats like ice cream and hot dogs can be full of unwanted ingredients and added sugars. Skip prepackaged items and look for fresh, seasonal produce that can be incorporated into multiple meals throughout the day, which can also lead to a shorter grocery list and less waste. My family loves to eat fruits and veggies so it balances out well with the fair food we like to indulge in.

Focus on the Right Ingredients. Warmer temperatures and fun, outdoor activities can lead to extra stains and more laundry. It’s important to keep summer items dirt-free and smelling fresh with products you can feel good about bringing into your home. For a powerful clean without harshness to keep your summer wardrobe clean and fresh, try all fresh clean Essentials, which is formulated without sulfates and contains effective ingredients for deep cleaning the toughest stains.

Minimize Your Regimen. Take advantage of the seasonal climate to shorten your beauty routine and save time, energy and products. Once the warm weather hit Wisconsin I put my hair in a braided protected style. This saves so much time! There’s also no need to blow dry hair with warm weather. My daughter likes to put her hair into twists and let it air dry.  Also focus on products that do double duty: replace sticky lipsticks and gloss with tinted lip balms that include SPF or mix in a drop of sunscreen to liquid foundation.

Simplify Cleanup. It’s easy to let the myriad rotating summer activities turn your space into an unexpected mess, so proactively prepare for the chaos by creating a cleanup kit. A clean towel, water bottle, sunscreen, change of clothes and snack in a small tote or plastic container can be left in the trunk of the car. My van has storage in the floor and I keep a few beach towels, water, first aid kit and wipes in there. My husband even has a pair of jeans and socks packed away. It has come in handy during one of our many fishing trips. It saves times and keeps me from running around searching for supplies every time we hit the road. I like being prepared for whatever Summer brings.

Visit to learn more and watch videos featuring wellness expert and mom Hilaria Baldwin that focus on smart tips for living cleanly.

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