Surviving The School Year With Tyson Any’tizers!

[box] “More than 70 years have passed since John Tyson drove his battered truck to Chicago to deliver a load of 500 Arkansas chickens. Tyson heard that chickens were bringing a better price in northern markets, so he cashed in his savings and borrowed the rest of the money he needed to finance the trip. He sold the birds for a profit of $235, $220 of which he wired home to pay on his debts and buy another load of birds. Out of that trip sprung the foundations of a company that would revolutionize the poultry industry.”[/box]

We are very familiar with Tyson products. A quick look into our refrigerator and you just may see

  • Grilled and Ready Chicken ( great in a ceasar salad or wrapped in a tortilla)
  • Maple and Brown Sugar Glazed Ham ( delicious with a side of greens, corn on the cob and sweet potatoes)
  • Honey Battered Breast Tenders

As with any household that has school aged children, afternoons can easily become chaotic. I have four kids and they can barely drop off their school books at the door they are so hungry. All I hear is “Mama, I’m starving. What’s to eat?”

We have tried sandwiches, pieces of fruit or vegetables and other snacks. Unfortunately my kids get bored easily and wanted something that will hit the spot.

My family was given the chance to try a few of the Tyson Any’tizers. Before I went to the store, I did not realize just how many products there were:

  • Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken Bites
  • Homestyle Chicken Fries
  • Honey BBQ Flavored Boneless Chicken Bites
  • Hot N’ Spicy Chicken Wings
  • Bruschetta Chicken and Bacon
  • Chicken Breast Chunks with Mandarin Orange Sauce
  • Ranch Flavored Chicken Fries
  • Honey BBQ Wings
  • Taco Seasoned Chicken QuesaDippers
  • Buffalo Style Bonless Chicken Wingz
  • Buffalo Style Buffallo Wings
  • Tequila Lime Chicken Wings
  • Stuffed Chicken Cordon Bleu Minis
  • Popcorn Chicken

After going through all the choices, I finally decided on

back to school with Tyson

Chicken Breast Chunks with General Tao’s Sauce, Chicken Breasts with Mandarin Orange Flavored Sauce and Buffalo Style Boneless Chicken Wingz. I was in the mood for some saucy chicken. We went for the bigger bags because there is a ziploc enclosure at the top. You know in case you don’t eat them all.

Once we opened the bag, we saw a big bag of chicken and two smaller sauce packets.

The Chicken Breast Chunks with General Tao’s Sauce cooks in the oven while you warm up the sauce packets with hot/warm water. It can be cooked in the microwave but I prefer baking the chicken in the oven at 400 degrees. This way the chicken gets nice and crispy.

The finished result was a platter full of tasty snacks.

It is a nice selection of different flavors and my kids loved it. Especially the General Tao’s. They all agreed this is definitely more filling. I have to add that the Buffalo Wingz with bacon ranch sauce is delicious! I wished I would have remembered celery. I will make sure to have some next time.  I did have to cook the Buffalo Wingz longer than the suggested time. They were not crispy enough the first time we checked.

Tyson Any’tizer definitely help with preparing after school snacks that the kids will eat.There were no complaints. I like the idea of having a platter for them to pick from. I could really mix it up with different snacks daily.

Do you have any snack tips that help your household survive the school year? Share your tips on the Tyson® Any’tizers® Snacks “School Year Survival Guide” Facebook page. Click on the Survival Guide tab, check out their tips and add your own.

I was compensated for this post and food. Opinions are 100% my own.
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  • Reply InkBlotMom, Kim

    We LOVE Tyson products in my household! I haven’t found a product of theirs that we haven’t liked yet. One of my favs are the Chicken Fries Anytizers. I’ve got some in the freezer right now. They make a nice quick lunch for the kiddos. 🙂

    November 19, 2012 at 9:26 am
    • Reply Tricia

      We plan on getting Chicken Fries next. My husband loves Tyson’s products as well.

      November 19, 2012 at 12:58 pm

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