The Healthgrades App Works Great for My Busy Family

“I participated in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Healthgrades. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating”


I try to stay on top of apps for my tablet. I want to make sure I have the best apps, especially the ones that can make my life a little easier. Luckily Mom Central recently introduced me to the  Healthgrades app. Healthgrades is an online resource for information on physicians and hospitals.  After installing the app on my iPad,  I started searching for my doctors. His name came up quickly along with some other useful information. I swiped the screen and saw:

  • his specialty
  • what insurances he accepts
  • education history
  • awards and recognition

I also found listings of the different offices and hospitals he works out of it with an map.

My favorite feature of Healthgrades is the information I can add and save. Once I found all of our doctors information and saved it, I entered each member of my family’s information.  All information is right at my fingertips with app. That means no more searching file folders when I need to fill out forms.  I can even manage appointments and reminders so I don’t forget a thing!

Healthgrades also allows patients to leave feedback. That is a great way to learn more about a doctor or hospital. This would have been a great resource back in March when I had to have surgery. I was going to a hospital I have never been to before.  I was anxious because the surgeon and doctors I was dealing with were unfamiliar to me too.

I recommend downloading the free Healthgrades app and giving it a try.


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