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The Makin’ Bacon Dice Game is Sizzling Fun


“Since it was founded in 1984, TDC Games, Inc. has established an international reputation as the producer of innovative, trend setting, if somewhat zany, board games and jigsaw puzzles. True to its eclectic style, TDC enters its 29th season with a new and completely diverse collection of high quality, but reasonably priced, game and puzzle products that now use the latest in communication technology.”

Last year while my family and I were at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair I happened across TDC Games booth. Imagine my delight when I saw a “bacon” game. The Makin’ Bacon Dice Game. I actually spke to the President of the company, Larry Balsamo who is a pretty nice guy. When I talked with him about my love of bacon, he gave me The Makin’ Bacon Dice Game to try out. The kids were just as excited as me! making bacon game The packaging is very eye-catching. Who can pass up a box that looks like a pack a bacon?
makin bacon3

Even the back resembles a pack of bacon. I like that there are “game facts” are where the nutritional facts would be on a food package. The box is not huge and it easily fits into your hand. I opened the box very carefully. Of course I will be adding to my collection of bacon products. making bacon1Inside of the box are dice, instructions and a reference card. On the back of the instructions are score sheets to use during the game. We made copies so we would always have the instructions. The object of the game is pretty easy. Each player’s goal is to get 6,000 points by rolling the dice.  The fastest way to win is to roll the dice so it reads Makin Bacon. I have not been able to do that yet, but I will keep trying!

After the first roll the player must decide which die or dice are to be saved for points. Once you choose which combination to keep, you roll again.

makin bacon2

With each re-roll you are adding to your dice total. Each player is trying to reach a minimum score of 400. If you don’t improve your score during the roll you have “Pigged Out” and earn no points for that round.

After you reach 400 points you can keep rolling to try to get closer to the winning score of 6,000 or just quit that round and just add your points to the score card.

This is a fast-moving game that uses a little strategy. Do you want to play it safe and bank points or risk it all to try to win fast? My husband like to play it safe while the kids like to play on the more unpredictable side. I like to risk it all.

It took a game or two before we got the hang of the game. We had a lot of fun and have played Makin Bacon more than a few times. It does not require a lot of set up and we can always start the game quickly. The Game of Makin Bacon is very family friendly and is on my must have list for bacon lovers!

You can grab The Game of Making Bacon at TDC Games for $9.95

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    Looks like a fun game. I have never heard of it before but looks fun

    August 6, 2015 at 5:03 pm
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