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The things kids say

I am sitting here at my computer and K.K.(5) said the cutest thing. The kids were taking turns on the computer and i was trying to figure what order they should all go in.
K.K. : I want to go last
Me: Why, you can go first and get it out the way.
K.K. : No thanks, I want to go last
Me: Ok, why
K.K. : If I go last I get the most time. (how smart is that?)

This little conversation got me to thinking what other cute stuff she has said.
K.K. : Can I sleep on you?
Me:  No, you have to sleep in your bed like a big girl.
K.K. : But my bed is not soft, it makes my head hurt.
Me:  What does that have to do with sleeping on me.
K.K. : You are so soft and fluffy I like sleeping on you.
Me: laughed until tears ran down my face

Here is another one.
Me: Don’t you feel better all nice and clean after taking your bath?
K.K. :NO!
Me: Why?
K.K. : Because dirt makes me feel all nice and warm!

Has your child said something that was so honest and funny? If so, please share your story. I would love to hear it.

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