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Ugh, I would never eat chittlin's

or so my daughters thought. We were watching an episode of Big Brother and the food for the week was churros and chittlin’s. Oh my goodness, my two oldest were just gagging their little butts off. They would never eat that . Ewwwwww! What type of person would eat something so gross. Boy did I surprise them when I told them that we all used to eat chittlin’s. Including them. My grandmother makes some delicious chittlin’s. You would understand why if you can ever get a plate because they go quick. My kids forget about the times when they were much younger and spent a lot of time with Grandma and T.T. And believe me you were feed greens, chittlins, grits, hamhocks, neck bones, pinto beans and so much more on a regular basis. The only reason we do eat more of that stuff now is because I have no idea how to cook it. But Grandma did teach me to make a sweet potato pie that is so good, I only make twice a year.

So just for the record, Jazz and Nannah, you have eaten chittlin’s before and loved it!

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