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Well Friday my husband and I had the pleasure of going to the movies and we chose to see Wanted. If you have not seen this movie please do not read any further since this post will contain a spoiler.

I could not wait to see this movie because I love action movies and Morgan Freeman playing a bad guy was pretty cool. Plus there is just something about Angelina Jolie and the way she acts and I love to watch her. I have been following her career way back when she was in “Hackers”. Angelina played her character pefectly. I mean she is dangerous with a gun but would you expect anything else? I was silently praying this movie was not like most where all the best parts are shown during the trailers. My prayers were answered! The action scenes were great! It was literally stuff I have not seen before and that is pretty rare. The story line is good, it is basically about a fraternity of assassins that has been around for over a thousand years. They get these messages in fabric of people who need to be taken out no questions asked. The leader of this fraterenity is Morgan Freeman and the only one who can read the messages.

The movie starts off with this super cool looking guy trying to figure out who has made a particular bullet so he goes to see this expert. While the expert is looking at the bullet and talking about how unique it is, she is taken out by a bullet to the head. The guy then runs down hall towards the elevator and I am thinking, “wow, he sure is wimpy”. Once the elevator doors open he steps in, positions his body like he is about to race and takes off! His foot actually dents the elevator when he pushes off. He runs at hyper speed back down to the office of the bullet expert and jumps through the window with his guns blazing. He is shooting all of these sniper guys that are on a rooftop. After killing everyone on the roof, his cell phone rings. It is from a guy named Cross and it turns out the sniper guys were all just a decoy. Cross shoots this guy from across town with a bullet that changes at least 3 to 4 times before it hits its’ mark. This is the same bullet type of bullet the expert was just looking at.

The movie then cuts to Wesley, talking about how horrible his life is. You know crappy job, girlfriend cheating with “best” friend, living in a shoddy apartment and always broke. He can not seem to to understand his purpose and suffers from constant panic attacks. I was feeling kind of sorry for him. He seems a little dorky, not really confident and people walk all over him.

This movie had me saying ,WOW, all the way to the very end. I watch tons of movies and can usually see where a movie is going. This was not even possible with Wanted. Almost everything I thought was not true. It is one of those movies where you want to see it again because you know you missed something.

This movie was worth the price of admission and my husband agree. We were not disappointed at all. If you get a chance to see it tell me what you think. What was one of your favorite parts?

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