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Wash, Dry and Refresh With The LG Laundry System

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We have lived in our current home for 18 years. It is to be expected that we have had our fair share of remodeling projects. My husband has tackled it all from replacing flooring, putting up fences, replacing windows, installing cabinets, building walls and more. Yeah he can do it all. Years ago after my constant complaining about having to go all the way in the basement to do laundry, my husband moved the laundry room up to the main floor. He converted a underused huge back closet into a laundry room for me. Let me say right off, that was the best home improvement idea ever! Doing laundry became so much more easier. Since the move  upstairs we have had to replace both the dryer and washing machine. While they were both upgraded from what we had previously, they were not exactly what I wanted.  I usually save up for big purchases and both appliances breaking down were both kind of a surprise.

I am currently saving up to get a washer and dryer that I really like. I am loving the black stainless steel finishes. It just looks so sleek and I love it! I would also like to go with a matching front loading set. I have been reading up about all the different brands and what they have to offer. LG has caught my attention because they are stepping it up when it comes to laundry. The LG Laundry System has everything you need.

LG TwinWash

LG has this SideKick pedestal washer that I really like. A full sized washing machine can be mounted right on top of it.  This would be perfect for those times I forget to add something to a load that I already started. I am also thinking about those times when I have to wash something delicate. There is a hand wash setting that I would use a lot. It is so cool that you can just pull it out and it can run right along with the regular washing machine. I can not help but think of the time this will save washing two loads at once. This could be very convenient especially for washing small loads of  baby clothes, swimsuits and workout gear. When my kids were smaller this would have saved me so much time. Plus I think by having a pedestal washer, the space underneath your washing machine is not wasted.

The LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System is definitely something to consider if you want to take your laundry room to the next level and have the space. This system uses deep-penetrating steam and gently moving hangers to smooth out or reduce wrinkles in your clothes.  It also sanitizes your clothes, bedding and even stuffed animals! This would be perfect if you deal with allergies in your home. I used to have a hand held steamer I used for curtains and pillows. This sounds much easier to use.

If you are planning a laundry room makeover, definitely check out what Best Buy has to offer. They have some great savings going on right now.  From 1/11-4/25 receive up to $500 off a LG laundry solution for your home.

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  • Reply Yona Williams

    Having a hand wash setting would really come in handy!

    February 9, 2018 at 5:11 pm
  • Reply John Smith

    That laundry system appears to be of very high quality!

    February 9, 2018 at 8:38 pm
  • Reply shelly peterson

    What a great washer and dryer set. I would love to have this.

    February 10, 2018 at 1:09 am
  • Reply Shelly

    This looks like an amazing laundry duo. I need an upgrade like 2 years ago!

    February 10, 2018 at 5:57 pm
  • Reply sallygg

    I’m loving the black and stainless steel too, very modern and sleek! I had to get a washing machine recently and it has hand wash and it’s the best! I have 2 teenage girls and it’s saved me so much time, definitely worth it.

    February 12, 2018 at 2:14 pm
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