Watch Your Own Movies on Roku *updated*

RokuI can be found watching my Roku quite a few times a week, what can I say except I absolutely love my Roku. There were a few issues when it first came out but the Roku is constantly upgrading and improving. Well I flipping through the channel store Sunday and saw a new channel, USB Media Player. Finally we can use the usb port!!!  The USB Media Player Channel is free to use. I tried hooking up one my external hard drives but it could not be detected. I think there may not be enough power for the Roku to find it. This particular hard drive does not have a power source that you plug in to the wall. I am going to try one of my other hard drives later.  What I did instead was grab a flash drive and added some movies that I had formatted for my iPod Touch. I had a huge smile on my face because it worked!! The picture was crisp and clear too. I have been waiting for this for what seems like forever.  The USB Media Player can be used to view your pictures and listen to your own music too. One of the best features of  this channel is you do not have to be connected to the internet to use it. The Roku just keeps getting better and better 🙂


I hooked my Western Digital external hard drive and the USB Media Player was able to detect it 🙂 It did take a little time (not hours or even more than five minutes) to scan the hard drive. I was able to play a ton of movies, look through lots of pictures and listen to my music!!

As of February 2016 I am still using my Roku 2 and even bought a Roku 3. They are both working great. I am watching movies in mkv or mp4 format with no problems. I have about 50 movies right now on my flash drive.

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11 thoughts on “Watch Your Own Movies on Roku *updated*

    1. Tricia Post author

      And it works so well. I always wondered what the usb port would be used for and I am so very happy now 🙂

    1. Tricia Post author

      It is one of my favorite things! Perfect for movie night or catching up on t.v. shows if you have Netflix or Hulu. Right now I am watching the entire series of a show called “The Pretender”. It is pretty good.

  1. Brandon

    I have a roku too and it is awesome! I just got a new roku with a usb port, but when I hooked up my western digital hard drive to play my movies it wouldnt read it. Any tips on what format the movies should be formated to and how to do it? I got all my movies from a neighbor who put them on my hard drive from his mac. Thanks!

  2. Jenny

    Can you simply connect your ipod touch using the usb charger to the Roku and watch videos from your library?

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