We eat a lot of watermelon

Today while my husband was cutting up a snack for the family I started thinking about all the watermelon we eat. We eat a lot. We are eating it almost every day. We are not even doing anything fancy with it, just some watermelon in a bowl. Well, I sprinkle a little salt on mine.

Did you know there are 50 different types of watermelon. I swear I though there was only 2. With or without seeds, lol. Apparently I am the only person who did not know this because my husband can not stop laughing at me. Some watermelon is even yellow on the inside. I have never seen that before. I am trying to convince my husband to go buy some so we can try it. I think that would be cool for the kids.

So I figured I should look around for some recipes so I can add a little variety to our watermelon menu. I found this site called The Watermelon Promotion Board. There is some interesting stuff over there. I found a recipe for watermelon cupcakes. I am not sure how cream cheese on watermelon will taste but the picture looks adorable. There is a whole page of kid friendly recipes. Nannah already is picking what she wants to try.

There is also a watermelon blog! It is called What about Watermelon. They are having a contest for a 8gb flash drive. I am crossing my fingers because it is too cute! Be sure to check out the posts on the world’s largest watermelon and the recipe for the watermelon cake. I am thinking about trying to make the cake before the kids go back to school.

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