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We Gave PÜR Gum A Try!

pur gum

“Made in Switzerland, PÜR GUM offers consumers the highest quality ingredients available. PÜR understands the need for products that speak to certain diet restrictions, and lifestyle choices to promote optimal health across the globe. For that reason, PÜR GUM is vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, nut-free, diabetic friendly and dairy free. When we say PÜR, we really mean it.”

reviewproductI like to chew gum. A lot. I chew it when I’m stressed, thinking or just relaxing.  Oh and I can pop it too. I do it without thinking and my husband has been known to use that popping noise to find whenever we are separated!

As you can imagine, I love gum! I was more than happy to give PÜR GUM a try when their company offered to send me some.
pur gum

PÜR Gum also shared some fun facts with me.

  • The world’s oldest piece of is 9000 years old!
  • The average person chew 300 pieces of gum every year (I chew way more than that!)
  • 3.74 Trillion pieces of chewing gum are made each year
  • Chewing gum for 1 hour burns 11 calories

Before having a chance to try PÜR Gum,  I thought the only thing you had to think about when choosing what gum to chew is flavor.  I learned there is so much more you  need to know.

Did you know that PÜR Gum is vegan, gluten free, non-gmo, nut-free and diabetic friendly? It is made with Xylitol, a natural occurring sugar alcohol that is a healthy alternative to sugar and artificial sweetener. it is Aspartame free!

My aunt and cousin are diabetics so I am very happy to share with them that there is a gum out there for them. My aunt is a pretty good gum popper like me.


My nephew has a peanut allergy so I am trying to be more aware about food products that could bring him harm. It really surprised me to find out that gum falls into that category. I always thought, gum was just something you could chew and not worry about anything else. Now that I know that  PÜR gum is something I can easily share with other people.

The kids and I enjoyed trying PÜR gum. I usually buy spearmint gum, but I really like the flavor of the pomegranate mint! Kayla and Nannah like the peppermint while TJ likes all the flavors. PÜR gum is also good for popping. I have to chew two pieces though.

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