We Saw Miranda Cosgrove Perform Live Tuesday!!

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you might notice I check in at Six Flags Great America a lot. Sometimes once or twice a week.  I bought a season pass back in May. It makes total sense because tickets are $59.99 a piece and parking is $20 each visit. For my family of six this would mean $379.94 each time we wanted to go to Six Flags!  Season passes for the entire family plus a parking pass was $489.94.  Six Flags is only an hour away and we have been there at least 10 times already and we still want to go a few more times.

Miranda Cosgrove was giving a free concert Tuesday as a part of the STARBURST® Summer Concert Series and of course we had to go. Not only do the kids like her from the show iCarly, but I have been known to watch it too (sometimes by myself). Miranda is mostly known for the show iCarly on Nickelodeon, but we remember her when she was on Drake and Josh.

We never have been to a concert at Six Flags before so I decided to do a little research the night before. There were free general seating tickets and V.I.P tickets for $20. The only information the website offered was you needed a wristband. I needed to know what time the concert was and where did you get the wristbands. Luckily on Facebook I found out that the concert was at 7pm. Wristbands and boarding passes needed to be picked up in the Southwest Territory.  They were on a first come first served basis and would be handed out starting at 10 am. 

My plan was to get there early, around 9:15 to get in line because I was sure the tickets would go quickly. It did not work out that way. We did not make it there until 10. Once there we headed to Southwest Territory and were in line not even 5 minutes. I don’t think the concert was sold out until a little after 11am.

Our boarding passes had a time of 6:30 when we could line up. When we arrived at the Amphitheatre the line was ridiculous. It seemed like we would never find the end of the line.

We had to walk all the way back to County Fair. At least we were able to watch some karaoke at the Great America Idol stage. By the time we made it into the Amphitheatre, Miranda just started singing the theme song to iCarly, “Leave It All to Me”. Our seats were off to the side but we could still see Miranda. People that arrived after us had a hard time seeing because there was this big mountain thing blocking their view. It has been at least 17 years since I have been to concert and man is it loud!! I should have wore ear plugs!

Miranda sang a bunch of her songs including:

  • Leave it all to me
  • Kissing you
  • Just a girl
  • BAM
  • Dancing Crazy

She also sang:

  • I’m A Rockstar by Pink
  • Forget You by Ceelo

The concert was really good. Miranda did a great performance including the costume changes. She shot shirts out into the audience and the audience was pumped up and singing along with her. Miranda was full of energy and I even found myself singing along a little.  My kids and I had a great time.

I did not get any video or pictures because our boarding passes said no video or cameras allowed so I left it in the car. Of course I saw everyone else taking videos so I feel kind of bad. It would have been nice to share some pictures.

I only have a few complaints with the concert:

  • the lines to get in were unorganized. It was hard to figure out where to go and what was going on
  • there were not enough seats. A lot of people tried to sit on the stairs because there was no where to sit. There were asked to move because that is a fire hazard
  • the concert started before everyone was seated

I would definitely attend another free concert at Six Flags. It was a great experience and next time I will get there earlier!

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